My Family, Post nipple reconstruction/revision, Post-Op Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Difficult Questions

I continue to be amazed with the depth and intelligence of my own children.  Although  I continue to heal, I am not 100%.  It is no secret to the girls that I am not fully comfortable.  They are aware that my body is still changing.  I am trying to get things back to a normal… Continue reading Difficult Questions

Me, My Family

Excited about learning, a different view

I never knew just how fun learning could be until I could view it through the eye’s of my children.  I was less than a stellar student.  My grades were good in high school and actually excellent in college but for many reasons grade school was really difficult for me.  Not only did I not… Continue reading Excited about learning, a different view

Me, My Family

It is all about the kids…a meeting

By the time I was 1-year-old my parents were divorced.  By the time I was 12 I fully understood that my “father” was lacking in many if not all fatherly responsibilities.  The fact that we had to move to a much smaller house, or the fact that we only saw him sometimes or maybe it… Continue reading It is all about the kids…a meeting