I’ll have a weed whacker with a shot of swill please

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.-Ron White

whiskey_22This seemed fitting after watching the local news today. Two stories that well really put a damper on the party I guess but I just  love the names that are given to big police raids.  You always hear them from the military but when the state governments give it a run they really get fun!

First was “Operation Swill”  the claim is that 29 eating/drinking establishments were allegedly substituting premium alcoholic beverage brands with non-premium brands.  So, top shelf prices for, in some cases, food colored rubbing alcohol.  I mean really?  This is as low as it gets.  Some of the names on this list are actually really decent places.  Sad. The name really makes the story though!

Today we heard about another raid, “Operation Weed Whacker”  You can already tell where we are heading here right?  A massive ring busted today seizing 400 pounds of the mighty green believed to have come straight out of the medical marijuana fields of CA.  They estimated this ring was worth over 14 million bucks.  Imagine if that was taxed revenue?


We could use a little magic

I like to consider myself a somewhat intelligent person.  I worry too much about things I can not control.  I get very passionate about things I find important. For many weeks I have attempted to totally avoid the news, political, national even local. All it does is get me annoyed, upset or just plain furious.

For as hard as I try, it is everywhere.  Some of the headlines I have seen today seem to vindicate at least my attempt to avoid:

-Women’s Unclean Breasts Cause Diarrhoea, Says Egypt Prime Minister Hisham Qandil

-Ahmadinejad: Iran already a nuclear state, but has no intention of launching attack on Israel

-Mexican girl gets pregnant at just eight years old

-Insight: Shrinking U.S. labor unions see relief in marijuana industry

-Carney: Drone Strikes ‘Legal,’ ‘Ethical,’ ‘Wise’

-Library Gives Free Pole Dancing Lessons To Help Boost Attendance

Each of these headlines at the same time scare the hell out of me, make me scratch my head and give me a bit of a chuckle.  All sum up the world right now, a real mess.

What does the future hold for my children? Is there anyway to keep them safe in this crazy world?

Our magical trip to Disney can not come soon enough!  Just 16 days away for the most important headline to be written, “The Bailey family begin a magical journey!”  Boy can we use it!

Walt Disney World Gallery Photo