Unfocused anger

The other day I had an angry visitor to my site who took offense to my post Go sell your Drama somewhere else. This person felt I was being mean and “attacking someone on a blog that was supposed to be about breast cancer”.  What is interesting about that is the post in question is written about me and how I have changed how I respond to negative influences on my life.  Second, at no time have I stated that this is about “breast cancer.” My header gives a brief description,

 “What would you do if presented with a 50-50 chance of developing breast cancer? That is exactly what happened to me. This is my journey to peace of mind.”

 “About this page”  goes more in-depth about the beginnings of this blog.  Over time I discussed my preparation for a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, the surgery itself, the impact it had on my family and myself and the decisions I have made and the effect those decisions had on my family and myself.  As I began to get back to normal after my surgery, I discussed how the experience changed me and my intention to continue the blog and focus on my family.

Over time I received the support of many tremendous people, many of those women who either were strong survivors of cancer or like me able to make preemptive decisions to prevent cancer.

This blog has been a sounding board, a type of therapy to clear my head.  A place to meet others and share ideas.  If that offends someone well, for lack of a better thought, tough!  In this great land of the free,you have the right not to read my scribblings.

To that visitor, I hope you find some peace from what ever it is that angers you so that you feel you must lash out at things that you do not seem to understand and that honestly are unimportant in the greater scope of what seems to weigh on you to cause such anger.

Thank you to my friends, family and those who have offered support along the way!

Go sell your drama somewhere else

dont worry be happySo, you know those people who are just perpetually unhappy? Their role in life is to bring you into their woes.  Victims to everything and everyone.  We all know one or two of them.  I have spent many years walking on egg shells in attempts to avoid fights.  Recently I just don’t care.  I don’t know if it was the mastectomy, or the realization of how close cancer was with the pathology results or maybe it is just the fact that I am to dam old for other people’s drama but I just will not allow myself to be sucked in.  We all have difficulties in life, we all have problems, sickness, bills and plain old obstacles.  Such is life.

How can some be so angry all of the time?

You can choose to live your life how you like.  I can also choose to say enough.  Life is too short.