Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

IMG_4702It seems like just yesterday that my husband and I were blessed with the arrival of our now nine-year old beautiful girl. Her entry into the world was anything but easy.  She was 2 weeks late before the doctor finally agreed to induce labor. I was the size of a small state after putting on over 70 pounds.  Once in the hospital, a not so short 18 hours of labor.  The ultrasound a few weeks before delivery showed a baby roughly 8 pounds.  My little angel arrived fighting all the way at a whopping 9 pound 6 ounces.

2 day old Megan
2 day old Megan

A few short minutes after Megan’s birth the nurses told me I coud hold he for a minute but that they had concerns over her breathing.  They quickly swept her out of my arms then down to the NICU where she stayed until we checked out of the hospital.

Megan hooked to so many monitors in the NICU
Megan hooked to so many monitors in the NICU

Over the last 9 years I have changed so much as person.  Becoming a mommy was the greatest thing I have ever done. Once she was born I knew I had to stay home with her, one of the greatest decision I have ever made.  I resigned from work and became a stay at home mommy and have enjoyed the job for the last 9 years.

I am so proud of Megan.  She is smart and funny, thoughtful and caring.  A great big sister and a wonderful daughter. Talking to her I often have to remind myself that she is still just a child because she speaks like such a young lady.  Meg has already achieved so many wonderful things I am thrilled thinking about what the future holds.

Happy Birthday Megan, I love you!


Nap time anyone?

I think today is a lay low kind of day.  Hanging at the house not planning to do too much. Even though I just got out of bed, I would love to turn right back around and climb back in.

 Between cleaning up the house to get ready for Megan’s birthday on Friday, her actual birthday on Saturday and back to school shopping Sunday, I am just wiped out.  With the next surgery around the corner, I grabbed the opportunity that a Sunday provides and had my husband help out with the clothes shopping. I have to admit 3 full days of activity was something I was not fully ready for. I definitely see a nap in my future.  We also all stayed up to watch the closing ceremonies of the olympics.

Wearing a sport bra for 2 of those days was another thing I was not prepared for.  I bought an extra large so it would not be too tight, no underwire of course but I could not wait to get it off once we got home on Sunday!  The “girls” are very sore as is my chest and right under my arms.  I can not wait until the boobs are finished..these square bitches are really annoying!

Not too smart

With Megan’s Birthday this weekend, we cleaned the basement today.  It is a split playroom and TV room.  It is finished but is a basement so the cobwebs come quickly.  We also have an old cat who lives down there.  She is not very social, keeps to herself but sheds up a storm.

So, with family coming, some basic clean up needed to occur.  Here is where I admit that due to my patience issue, which I have often discussed in the blog, I could not wait for my husband to come home and carry the vacuum down the stairs or even run the vacuum.  Instead I figured I am doing so well no problem.  I carried it down and swept up the entire room and carried it back up.

Through out the day I was then exhausted actually took a nap for the first time in many days. For the last few hours have had pains around the incision of my abdomen.  I am hoping that I just over did it today and things will all be fine in the morning.

And…if we are being totally honest, before the vacuum I also did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine.  I promise..tomorrow will be a down day.

I know..I am smarter than this!  Fingers are crossed!