New year same as the last

It is 11am and I am fully ready for this day to end!  Never good right?  I finally talked to the doctor and wish I never had.  I can not say that I am in the least bit surprised but the ultrasound was all bad news.  Not only was there no improvement the news has grown darker.  To start with my ovarian complex cyst on the left is still there and now has a buddy on the right.  The doctor still does not feel that this is a huge concern but is ordering a CA125 which seems to be blood work to help detect ovarian cancer.  Hopefully the blood work shows no issue and we will be left with repeating the ultrasound yet again in a few months.

So, it could end there but hell why would it?  Seems that this ultrasound also picked up two cysts just chilling out on the lining of my uterus. She also feels these are probably nothing to worry about but put it all together add in the recent prophylactic mastectomy and cancer markers then use the word “probably” and my nerves are shot. I guess a few drinks before the bus stop is not advisable.

Thankfully they have gotten me in next Thursday for a biopsy and I will get the blood work as soon as I receive the script.

I will do my best to continue positive thoughts.

Testing my patience

As I sat watching television last night it hit me that I had never heard from the doctor about the ultrasound results.  I guess that whole try not to worry thing must be working because amazingly I totally forgot about it.  I added it to the to do list for today, I called first thing this morning.  I received a call back within 20 minutes only to be told that since I see the doctors in the second office my file is at that office and they would not be in there until after 4:30.

At 4:40pm this afternoon I called and spoke to a rather short, rude person who seemed annoyed that I would be bothering her for such information.  SHe proceeded to tell me that they would normally not have such a report so quickly since I had just had the test performed Friday.  I told her I received a call in under 24 hours the first time and this was a follow-up.  She put me on hold and returned to inform me that indeed the report was sitting on the doctors desk, that the doctor was not in yet and that after seeing patients she would get to it.

take-a-breathIn my continued effort to remain calm, I hung up and went about my evening waiting for a call.  At about 8 pm of course not receiving one, I called the office which of course….was closed.

I am more than a little annoyed!  I will take a breath and call in the morning.  I will continue to have positive thoughts but can not promise to continue staying calm!