Refocus needed and received

I woke up fully comfortable with the decision I had made  last night not to have the colonoscopy.  I had convinced myself that my doctor was just over reacting.  I allowed myself to slip into my “victim” mode  tired of tests, scans and surgery. I feel like the last year of my life has been spent in labs, hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Then I read comments from some women whose opinions I have come to respect over the last many months.  Sometimes it just takes a little slap in the back of the head to get refocused.  Seems I have needed a few of those over the last week or so.   I jumped on the computer did some doctor searches and have made my consultation appointment for the end of the month.

How silly am I being?  (not really looking for an answer :-)) I have been so lucky, I know that and I am very thankful! I am also thankful to all of those around me willing to give me those slaps from time to time.

Thank you ladies for the refocus!