Heading back to Kindergarten

Today is going to be an interesting day.  At back to school night for Madison, we were presented with a form asking if we would be available to help with several different things.  I am not the “room mom” type.  Megan was also very independent and did not want Mom hanging around school.

Now with Madison in Kindergarten, I have nothing special going on until she gets home for lunch.  With all of the surgeries that were still ongoing when school started, I could not commit to anything but said that if they needed help with things throughout the year I may be able to step in.  So I received my first request last week for today…assisting the process of “kid writing journals”.  If you do not have children, this is the beginning of the kids learning to write independently even though they can not spell.  They are charged with attempting to write as they hear it basically.  Some are really something but everyone starts somewhere.  Today I will meet with the writing specialist to make sure I know what I am doing and will assist one hour a week every other week I believe until the end of the year.  Wish me luck :-).

Then I received a phone call a few days ago from another mom.  Seems she is one of the actual room mother’s who was not expecting all of the different responsibilities.  She asked if I could fill in for her at the Holiday party Thursday.  As long as I do not have to bake anything I am in!  Madison is SOOO excited because I have to be there first thing so I will be taking her to school with me and bringing her home.

I remember my Kindergarten days, they were not happy.  Neat that I get to replace those memories with some good ones with my own baby.  And to do it this week, well I think it helps the entire family feel just a little more safe.