Family time

UnknownThe Holiday season has officially begun tonight with the first of the season broadcast of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.  The 7-year-old demanded that we watch it as a family.  As the time neared we all settled in.  The little one is working on a bracelet with her rainbow loom, Meg is laying with her favorite little bear,appropriately named “bear”, the dog is in the middle of the floor chewing on her bone while the hubby has fallen asleep.  I sit here typing.

Family time is nice time.  It does look a little different than it did as I watched Rudolph as a kid.  I remember searching the TV listings circling the date and times of the specials.  If you missed it when it was on there was nothing to do but wait until next year.  I told the girls this as the show was about to start tonight to which I was told “that much have been tough”.  Smartass kids.  Last year our DVR was filled with specials, until I realized that they were shown several times on several stations over the season.  This year we printed what seems to be a pretty complete list of holiday shows.  It is over 3 pages long.  I love the season but can not commit to seeing them all! 🙂

The ability to chill out in pj’s with an almost 50-year-old Christmas special with the people you love, well it does not get much better now does it? I remember watching this very show with my mother.  I wonder if my girls will be sitting in a living room 30ish years from now watching with families of their own.  I guess I will have to make a note to  make sure I write a blog post while sitting with the grandchildren watching Rudolph.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

And with a turn of the clock

I awoke this morning at 7am according to the clock on the cable box.  It was still 6 am on the clock next to my bed since I did not change the time before bed.  I would not typically get up so early on a Sunday but Megan lost another tooth yesterday so she came springing into my room cheerfully to announce that the tooth fairy paid her a visit.  I was not thrilled to see such and early hour at the time.

Sitting here more that 12 hours later and still seeing some daylight outside makes it all worth it.  Signs that spring really is right around the corner.  After diner Meg and I decided to welcome the extra light (and the warmer weather we had today) with a nice bike ride.

oz10Earlier in the day we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful at the movies.  The girls loved it.  I thought is was good, a little long. Madison just loved the flying Monkey!

Last night I had my first Red box experience. The girls and I rented the lastest diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.  Megan has read all of the books.  The movie was actually very entertaining.  We run so much during the week with soccer practice, karate, CCD, long hours for Frank at work etc, it is nice to sometimes kick back and have movie weekend with the family!  By the way, I just love Red box!  I do not know why I have waited so long to try it, if it would only get the last Twilight movie back in stock I would love it! 🙂redbox_grid_6_wide