So with each day we as a country become more and more politically correct.  We are at a point where most now resist an opportunity to express an opinion for fear of offending someone or worse retribution.  One of our most important freedoms, that of free speech, teeters on the brink of annihilation.  Our media has stopped reporting news and instead pushes one agenda or another.  Our government lies to us and spies on us but we “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” for the most part sit back and allow it all to happen.  We stand more divided than ever.  

SO why this post today?

My girls are straight “A” students, strong athletes and brown belts in karate.  They are tough, strong and are being raised to know that they can achieve anything if they work hard and YES I will admit openly that they play with PINK legos.  I know, an outrage.  What you say?  Well let me explain. So, I sign on to Facebook the other day, the forum of our generation for pure silliness, to see an article posted by someone from the Huffington post.  I will openly say I would not typically spend a second reading anything from such a clearly biased outlet but this one caught my eye because it was targeting the LEGO company and it’s over feminization of it’s products and their outrage over the Friends line of feminine “girly” legos.  The article basically relays the message that I am a terrible parent for allowing my girls to play with such a toy and as a society we should condemn the toy makers for pushing gender stereotypes.

Not two days later I see an article about a  panel on MSNBC discussing the Oscar awards.  One of the participants on that panel made the argument that the awards show was sexist because it still separated the male and female categories. Really??

So I am sure that some have jumped to conclusions about me so I feel the need to clarify.  I love the freedoms afforded to “We the people”.  I believe in the freedom of speech, assembly, religion and yes the right to bear arms.  I believe we are free to love who we love, marry who we love and express ourselves openly.  I love a good debate and will often take a side at times just for the sake of an open and interesting debate.  What I can not stand are those who make statements about how everyone should be included while attacking those who do not seem to fit the “included” mold.

I will not apologize for allowing my girls to play with feminine marketed toys. Nor will I apologize for when they play in the mud or beat the boys at hockey. I do not want to live in a world of grey pretending that we are all the same, we are not.  What many forget is that it is those differences that make us great, different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs put into the pot to make us even stronger.  Trying to pretend we are all the same, attempting to eliminate individualism, pretending there are no differences between the sexes…….crazy.

I do not claim to be some type of expert.  I am just a woman, mother, wife, person who is tired of some trying to fit us all into a box,  telling me I should be outraged over this or that.  My favorite color happens to be pink, deal with it!