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A busy week and medical advances

First day for all of us
First day for all of us

The summer has officially ended in our house with the yearly closing of the pool.  There are still some very warm days in the forecast like today’s heat in excess of 90 degrees, but once school starts there is just not enough time in the day. Speaking of school, the fist day was a success for all!  Both girls had great days especially our new first grader.

Ready to take the field
Ready to take the field

The first day seems like a life time ago already.  Saturday morning was picture perfect.  Although there was a slight chill in the air, the sun, high in a bright blue sky was warm and comfortable.  Our day started with a season opening soccer game with the youngest at 9am.  At her age they play 2 fields of 4 on 4, open goal.  This is my husbands first year coaching soccer and the first time most of the girls have played together.  There were many bright spots.  A little girl who just could not keep herself from picking up the ball mid play was not necessarily one of the brightest but the season looks to be fun none the less.

The look of a 3-0 shut-out to start the season!
The look of a 3-0 shut-out to start the season!

The travel game with the older child was much better.  I think what made this game so much fun was the fact that over the last year we sat through many (emphasis many) bad, down right ugly soccer games.  With Megan as the full-time goal keeper this year we feel extra pressure to ensure she plays her best.  Saturday the entire team stepped up and played the best game we have seen them play as a team.  The final score was 3-0..first game of the year and first shut out of what we hope will be a wonderful soccer year for Megan and team.

The week is flying by with time split between my few hours at the school doing cafeteria and playground duty, soccer practice, karate and everything in between.  How quickly our lazy days of summer have been filled with days that just do not have enough hours.

On a totally different note, I caught a few minutes of the news last night  as I was getting dinner ready for the girls.  The story was about a new pump to help to identify breast cancer up to 10 years sooner than with current methods.  I do not know how much data they have collected on it or how accurate it is but I would like to believe that such advances are true and reliable.  I think about my young daughters and the very real high risk possibility that they face of breast cancer.  I can only hope and pray that the advances continue so by the time my babies have to face tough decisions,  like me they will be lucky enough to be able to act proactively.

My Family

Holidays and tournaments

Columbus day Weekend and our new lives of travel soccer tournaments for every holiday. Megan’s team had two games scheduled for yesterday.  They have been a bit tough to watch.  They have only won one game and that was the first one they ever played together way back at the labor day tournament.  Since then it has been all down hill with some of the losses being signed sealed and delivered before the half.  There is a rule in the league since they are so young,  there can not be more than a 6 point gap.  Almost every team we have played have had to instruct their players to stop shooting on us since we have lost most games by 6-0, 6-1.

They are young and learning the game.  We like the coach and how he deals with the girls. Before practice on Monday this week, coach came to me to see if I had changed my mind about Megan playing goalkeeper.  Initially I had said no  because I did not want to see her get hurt.  She plays piano beautifully and I could not stand it if those little fingers were injured or worse kicked in the head.   I was out numbered, Megan was dying to try it, my husband thought she would be great back there and coach felt she would be stronger than the little girls currently in goal.

I said she could try it so with 30 minutes total practice in goal at Thursday’s practice, yesterday she suited up and took to the goal.  I have to say it was an exciting game but so nerve-racking!  She did great and we WON! 2-1.  More importantly is the thrill on my little girls face and  the confidence earned by the team.  She played the entire time in both games, the second did not go as well but they get another shot at it today.

When we were leaving the fields for the day, coach whispered to my husband that they found the new starting goalie for the team.  We went out to the sporting goods store for better gloves but of course no one carries anything in stock anymore so at home I placed an order for gloves with spines in the finger that supposedly protect from hyper extension. If she is going to play back there I have to do what I can to protect my baby.  Would a football helmet be too much?

To celebrate a nice tournament day and the big position move we went out to dinner.  Instead of the normal diner or chain restaurant we went a little higher scale.  The girls were so excited they both put on dresses and jewelry.  Just a little high maintenance :-).

The season is finally changing but it is in the blink of an eye. When we went to the tournament yesterday morning,  the season felt like late spring.  Warm, bright sun and a slight breeze.  There was a 2 hour gap between games where the parents set up a base camp.  We had food, games and just enjoyed a nice day together.  (I am sure the munchkins and soft pretzels did not help their play in game 2 :-)).  By the time we got home we all had red cheeks since no one thought about sunscreen.  By dinner time last night we were reminded that fall was here with a drastic drop in the temperature and by this morning a smack in the face by fall with temps in the high 40’s and rain expected.  One more game today.  Going to be a chilly one!