Hollywood, Epcot, a little magic and stomach issues


It has been a busy few days. So yesterday we went to Hollywood studios and once there realized there was much more to do then we realized on our last Disney visit. I also came to realize that no one needs to eat the way we have been so far. At brunch, which was enjoyed at the 50’s prime time dinner with the same waiter who severed us on our last trip to Disney, I went online and changed some things around. Several meal reservations were canceled and some others moved around allowing us to go back to Hollywood on Friday all day.


There was another rain shower which ironically happened once again while we were eating. (The Brown Derby this time for those keeping track). By the time we were finished the sun was out and our plans for Fantasmic were still on track. The show was very cool and enjoyed by all. It was another late night which was starting to take a toll on the girls. The wait for the bus was way too long and then way too crowded and way too hot. The only complaint I have about this Disney experience is the bus service, but I will leave it there.


By this morning Madi was just not herself. Now, on the only other family vacation we have ever taken she ended up with and ear infection half way through. This morning she was complaining of her stomach. There was no fever so I wrote it off to all of the eating, (as we headed out to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast). She was kind of blah there but did enjoy the characters. Throughout breakfast though we had to hit the bathroom a few times. It became very clear to me that the stomach pain was also an intestinal issue.


We headed to Epcot and hit every bathroom along the route. Madison was cranky and for the first time we had real rain. We had a great lunch in Canada and had originally talked about making it an early day back to the hotel. After lunch it started to clear so we decided to head back to the magic kingdom for a little bit. We were stunned to find one of the smallest crowds we have ever seen there. Megan rode space mountain 4 times in under 40 minutes with Frank and I switching on and off with sitting with Madison who did not want to do anything. I know, someone is thinking how awful we are to make here hang out but after a year of prep, thousands of dollars spent and massive anticipation shit happens!


We left the park by 7:30 and hit the hotel by 8:15. By 8:30, my poor Madison had thrown up everything she has consumed during the day. She calmly took herself to the bathroom, announced to me what had happened and then told me she felt much better. I stripped her down and let her soak in the tube for a while and she was in bed by 9:15. She seemed tired but fully normal. She had a drink and a little bite of something to eat with no issue. We have a big day tomorrow at Animal Kingdom, I hope she is feeling better. After all of this time I hate seeing any glimpse of sad faces. Fingers are crossed!


First off welcome to the updated site!  With the surgeries behind us I thought it was a good time to freshen things up.

So five days ago I headed into surgery with no real expectations as to what would come next.  I was so excited that the “pointy parts” would be back and that the “air bags” would be gone that I never really thought to inquire about recovery time. In my head I think I figured that the worst was over and if I made it through the DIEP surgery and prophylactic Mastectomy, this would be a cake walk.

Well I was sadly mistaken.  I clearly underestimated the pain.  I have had to step back and allow my body to do what it needs to do.  I sit with ice packs on both sides which really does feel good.  I guess in a few weeks I will be saying remember when….I hope so anyway!

On the Disney front, today is highlighted by reservations at Hollywood Studios.  We will have  lunch at 50’s Prime time Cafe.  We went there before and had a great time.  Fun place and good food.  Dinner is something new for us.  We are doing the Fantasmic Dininng package with dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby.