Everything in it’s place

After my initial complaints about the surgery Friday, things did get significantly better very quickly. As I posted Friday was terrible! By Sunday life was basically back to normal, Thankfully.

Since I have been consumed with a strange organizational need.

Monday morning I dropped the girls off for the start of an all day all week karate camp.  I did some errands, went home and had some lunch.  I do not know what inspired the next move but I decided to take the time to clean out our spare bedroom which probably like many others is the catch-all room for anything and everything that does not have a home. While I was working on that project the hallway closet which can never close due to things hanging out of it continued to catch my eye so I tore everything out of it to be re-folded, organized or tossed. I can not remember the last time this closet has touched, it was long overdue!

These projects lead into more of the same with the downstairs coat closet and then the hooks in the laundry room that were hung to keep the things that would be thrown all over the house a little neater. Bags, hats sweatshirt and jackets many that do not fit or are no longer loved packed up to be moved out of the house.

As I said, I have no idea what has inspired these much neglected project to take center stage. As I sit here at the hair salon I have others running through my mind, what could be next? Maybe the drawers in the china cabinet? Could it be time to tackle our own closet in the bedroom?  Oh the possibilities are endless, not exactly exciting but certainly endless!