Me, My Family

Surgery, creepers and tiny squares

The day before surgery and I did what I expect most people do, I spent the day playing minecraft.  We did have some productive moments, the kids had karate, I secured a sponsor for Madi’s soccer team and dropped the paperwork at the township building.  Fed the children and did some before surgery cleaning.

CreeperThe girls have figured out how to link all of the handhelds via wi-fi on minecraft.  The game is very silly but I have to admit it is addictive.  When I was a kid the family would have sat and played a board game.  Today the three of us sat together laughing and running around in the world of little squares.  It was fun!

I have to be at the surgery center by 8 am tomorrow.  I am glad it is early but not too early.  In a few hours it will all be over and I can hopefully move into a phase of my life where I am not scheduling the next procedure.  Over the next few weeks I instead will be focused on the planning of our first little girls sleep over.  It is Megan’s big wish for her birthday this year.  I have agreed but it will be very small, 2 of her closest friends.  I think small and controlled is best for the first. Once we get through this annoyance tomorrow we can focus on what is really important….giggling little girls! 🙂

Me, My Family

Just a little somber this week

The joy of reading.  My mother always tried to instill it in me with very little luck.  Thankfully, my daughter has it in her blood.  As I just sat down to the laptop to begin a post about my upcoming surgery, she came from her bedroom where she has been reading for about an hour.  She just needed to fill me in on what was happening in her book.  She is reading the first book of the Sisters Grimm series and is loving it.  I just love to watch her as she describes what she is reading.  The joy on her face, the light in her eyes.  She is able to visit a world of imagination through reading that I have never been able to find.  I think we will need to make sure we hit the library again before the weekend. 🙂

So, Friday is my surgery.  The official name of my procedure is hysteroscopy and endometrial ablation.  The procedure itself it not really a concern to me.  Based on what I went through last summer with the BPM, the pain, the recovery time, this should be easy enough.  See after the ablation it will be permanent, no more children.  Now, I was not really planning to have anymore, I am 41 years old and have two beautiful, smart and busy children.  I thank God for them every day!  Since my miscarriage a few years ago I have always thought about 1 more Bailey.  I love being mommy.  I feel like my girls have grown from infant to elementary school over night.

I am thrilled with my family.  I was not looking to change it or add to it but having that decision now made final, I guess it just it has made me just a little sad.  It will pass.  I will hug my girls and my husband just a little harder and maybe a little longer this week.  Next week the girls have karate camp and soccer practice is right around the corner.  The things that will fully remind me that I am doing what I am supposed to be already.

For the rest of this week, I will allow myself to sulk just a little.

Me, My Family

Summer only comes once a year.

For the better part of last summer, my girls were stuck in the house mostly keeping an eye on me.  After my surgery I was not very mobile for many weeks and was not able to drive for a few more than that.  We watched a lot of movies (mostly they watched and I slept), and they spent a good amount of time on the computer.  Frank did his best running them around after he got home from work but the reality is that they spent much of their time sitting around.

Day one of soccer camp
Day one of soccer camp

This summer I wanted to make sure that was not the case!  I have tried to both Image 1Image 2schedule events that keep them active and challenge them as well as allow them time to “relax” and enjoy the summer.  Several camps for both girls mixed with pool time, visits to the library and of course a little summer homework to keep little minds fresh.

This week the girls are at the park for soccer camp.  This has been good for all of us.  I drop them with the coach and then use the opportunity to walk the park.  It is a nice change of scenery.  I managed 2 miles today in all of our heat and humidity.

It has been a nice start to the summer!  I am enjoying the time with the girls.   I do have surgery next Friday but I do not expect to skip a beat.  I figure I will be back to normal in a day or two. We have too much to do and too little time!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!