Don’t tell Meg but jogging sucks!

The first official day of summer.  Megan has a birthday party today and Madison and I plan on running some errands.  The weather is beautiful although you can tell it is going to be very warm later.

Megan and I decided to make use of our summer to improve our conditioning/health.  During the later part of her soccer season the coach recognized that the girls were lacking in their conditioning and added a half mile run to every practice, a quarter-mile at the beginning and end twice a week.  Megan struggled to say the least.  Since my surgery I have tried to stay active and eat right but the hustle and bustle of things lately I have not been as vigilant as I could be.999257_406316359472689_1626284047_n

I set some basic goals for the summer, I would like to lose another 10 pounds and I would like to get Megan into better condition so she is more comfortable come the beginning of the season.  She will attend a few soccer camps over the summer and we have agreed to start jogging a few times a week.  NOW, as I began to think about this weeks ago it made perfect sense.  It would be good for both of us and it would be nice one on one time together.  When I was a much younger person I was a runner, kind of, I mean I was on the track team for a few years.  I was alright but to be honest I hated running.  Early in high school I hurt me knee which ended my track career.  I am not to sure at this point if it was really hurt that bad at the time or if it was just a great excuse to stop.   I still have knee issues so as to not create more torment in my mind about my youth I will stick to my “I hurt my knee story” ;-).

This morning Megan and I set out for our first jog of the summer.  I had it measured out, 2 laps around the block would be a half of a mile.  We started by dressing in our cute running gear, did some stretching and out the door we went.  I talked to her about form, proper breathing, we looked great!  Down the street we went, I see the corner, holy shit I am not going to make it!  Yes, sadly I could not even make it around half of the first lap.  I started to walk, reminded her I was 41 and did have major surgery a year ago and, and, and but in reality WOW!  Meg finished the first lap and continued to the second…what a good girl!  I did a few minutes on the elliptical machine and committed to at least continue to try.

What an eye-opening morning.  It is still good time with my big girl and I promise that I will continue to jog,walk, and whine just a little.