And action…

I love to play around with video editing.  When I was still with Best Buy, I won a trip to LA as a reward for  holiday sales performance.  During that trip we were given cool media items and had an opportunity to make a mock video for the then just up and coming, little know group, Maroon 5 who was playing later that night for the group.  I am sure getting them to play a gig like a Best Buy achievers weekend would be out of the question these days.  Although the video made by my group was terrible, we all were given the software and ever since I have been hooked!  Now movie making software is much more user-friendly especially with my much-loved MacBook.

I just finished making a small movie from all of the videos of Madison’s first year.  What took so long you may ask?  All of the videos we had taken of my baby were stuck on old virus ridden or basically dead windows based computers.  During the week I sat and moved them over to my laptop, it took many, many hours.  I was so happy to get them back!  So now hours of video spanning a year of life have been cut into a 9 minute movie set to Disney songs.  What was really fun was having the girls help put it together.

I would bet if I had a therapist, they would say that my fascination obsession with my scrapbooks and videos of the kids would be some type of statement about my own childhood.  I have a small shoebox of pictures from my youth that my mother sorted while she was ill.  After she passed we all had a box waiting for us.  My kids will need a dump truck to haul it all out!