Getting ready

I pulled this image from Facebook today and after the chuckle it gave me realized it probably was time to start to batten down the hatches.  Once the normal running of Saturday was over we secured the patio furniture and loose items from the backyard.  Not really sure what to expect, many people hear that the hurricane is only a cat1 and weak but for where we are hearing that it is an extreme “Nor’easter ”  can strike much more fear than most recent hurricanes.  They tend to hang around for hours even days and carry tons of water.

Only time will tell.  The Governor has issued mandatory evacuations for the coastal areas by 4pm tomorrow which means my sister and her dog will be moving in by the evening.  We can talk about her later since she does not read this anyway :-)! As for what happens after that, well guess we will all stay tuned.

Fingers till crossed.