The Politics of Devastation

The storm may be gone but the scope of the mess left behind is still not fully realized.  Many areas of the south Jersey shore were allowed to return to the area today although there is still no power in many spots.  For my sister though, no homecoming yet.  Her area is still without power and now is experiencing a sewage issue.  In areas further north no power, water issues and now a shortage of gasoline causing cars to line up for waits not seen in this country since the 1970’s.  Thousands of New Yorkers line up to wait for buses since the subway system is either damaged by flooding or out of power.  

Of course with only a few days left until the presidential election, we can not allow anything to go by without jumping on it for political gain.  The President toured NJ the other day, many reporters referred to it as a “Campaign” stop.  The Mayor of NY has jumped out to use the opportunity to talk about climate change and endorse Obama.  All of this while everyday New Yorkers dumpster dive for food. Areas of Staten Island are still searching home by home looking for missing people.  The Mayor of NY still seems set to make it look like everything is fine and insists that the Marathon scheduled for this weekend will go on as scheduled.  Those New Yorkers living without running water and power are organizing saying they will rush the water stations along the marathon route if it is held, resources would be pulled from the community to ensure the race goes smoothly.  Priorities?

A shore town in my own fine state has turned away power workers who came from as far away as Alabama to help because they are non-union. Really?  Unbelievable.  They should be the last to get power restored!

NBC has rushed to get a “benefit” concert on air tonight.  Maybe I am just a little jaded but if the election was not just a few days away, would there have been such a rush?  Those held for Katrina and 9/11 were not done so quickly.  How many “stars/musicians” will preach to me about global warming and which candidate stands where on the issue?  The answer is none for me I will not be watching nor will the millions on the east coast who have yet to have power restored!

We can argue that there was plenty of warning of the storm and people should have been more prepared, I myself stocked up with 8 cases of water, batteries etc.  But, hindsight is 20/20 and these people are now without power and unable to find assistance.  Why?  I guess their mayor is too busy writing newspaper editorials.