Each morning I put my girls on a school bus and expect that hours later that same bus will return them back to me.  Twenty families in CT thought the same thing today but were not as blessed as I was to have my babies return.  Sick, heart-broken and utterly at a loss to understand what could drive anyone to perpetrate such an act only partially describe how I feel today.

Ironically Madison’s school did their first “Emergency” drill of the year yesterday.  For several years our district has done these. They lock the doors to the classroom, hide the children and sit in silence and in the dark until notified that the drill is over.  Madison was a bit nervous about it when she came home.  I explained to her that there are bad people in the world and I was sure they would never need to use what they learned but that it was good for everyone to know what to do just in case.  I always think to myself what have we become that we even have to practice such things in our schools and then something like today happens.

Of course the voices are ringing out calling for gun control.  The tears have not yet stopped flowing yet the speeches and camera grabs have started.  Let’s be honest, drugs are illegal but the last time I heard we had an epidemic in the country.  With that said, I live in New Jersey where we have some of the strictest gun laws in the country and I do not understand how all states are not like NJ.

One thing I do find very ironic, the images shown on the news of the many signs asking for prayers.  On FB many posts of a Jesus like figure holding a child are floating around.  Why are we only allowed to pray when tragedy happens?  I am sure many will disagree with me but maybe gun control is not the issue.  Maybe as a country we have lost our moral compass.  We have little respect for anything, MTV is a good example of this. I remember when the channel started it was Music television now it is sex, drugs, teen pregnancy and lude behavior as fully acceptable and marketed to our young people.  We fight like hell to ensure we do not mention “GOD” but 16 and Pregnant is broadcast nationwide. If we do not teach our kids to respect themselves, how will they respect others?  There is no longer a line between right and wrong, no value placed on anything including life.  No amount of gun control in the world can fix that.

God bless the families who lost their loved ones today.