So, I have a friend trying to understand why my Governor did what he did in allowing himself to be used as a campaign prop for a failing President.  Although I agree with the politics of this friend, I disagree with the image of my governor.  What I realize, is what I have always known.  We have a media who is corrupt and totally biased.  This friend lives in Minnesota and totally untouched by Hurricane Sandy. What he is seeing is a biased medias “paint”  job of  reality. A media portraying a President who is doing some wonderful job of handling the situation  with this storm.

Reality is millions of people still without power.

Reality is tens of thousands waiting in line for several hours for gas.

Reality is FEMA running out of water in NY today.

Reality is the Red Cross in NY being caught flat-footed and unprepared.

Reality is people pulling food from dumpsters.

Reality is FEMA once again being caught flat-footed.

Reality is a governor who has issued 85 subpoenas as of today to go after those trying to profit through price gouging of affected citizens.

Reality is local people helping, running trucks to the areas hit to help neighbors.

Reality is that New Jersey is beginning to get back to normalcy (by no means repaired ) because we had a Governor who was engaged  and made the decisions that REAL leaders make!

It will take years to rebuild what has been destroyed.

Sometimes, leaders have to make decisions that are not popular, decisions that distance him from the “Christie 2016” crowd. I have union, liberal, and democrat friends who have disagreed with me about our governor in the past, yet today many  people in this state, the state of New Jersey ravaged by an awful natural disaster, for the first time in many moons, we all agree on something, Gov. Christie is a leader!  Thank you Chris Christie!