Infinity and a hike through the falls

disney-infinityVideo games are not a super huge deal in our household.  We have had a Nintendo WII for several years which is used occasionally.  The girls prefer to play on my phone or iPad if given the chance.  When my youngest asked several weeks ago if we could get the Disney Infinity game I spent some time searching it on the internet.  It looked like a rather interesting game so I placed a pre-order to get the best deal.  The game arrived on Friday and I have to admit that the entire family is fully addicted.  We each have favorite characters already and it is the first thing the girls want to do when they wake up.  It has been very helpful in getting things done around the house.  The rule is no play until the chores are complete!

IMG_4789The weather over the weekend was just beautiful here.  I felt guilty that we all sat in the house on Saturday playing video games.  By Sunday Frank and I agreed that we needed to make up for that decision so the family took a road trip to Bushkill Falls.  It was a perfect day for a hike.  The girls loved it as did we.  It was a wonderful, peaceful family day out.  IMG_4739We arrived early and beat the crowds.  For most of our time out on the trails we were alone occasionally running into a couple here or there. We hiked the longest trail and had a wonderful day.  It was one of those days where everything slows down and helps you to remember what is really important in life.

IMG_4814After the falls we stopped at the store-bought some steaks, went home tossed them on the grill and had a great dinner.  After diner, well like I said, we are all a bit addicted so back to the Infinity we went.

I would say it was about as good a day as a family can get!


The sleepover

Sleeping bags that were never used since they all squeezed in Megan's bed like kittens.
Sleeping bags that were never used since they all squeezed in Megan’s bed like kittens.

I am starting this post before the girls arrive but am sure that I will not complete it until much later.   The girls were due to arrive at 6pm but I received a text earlier from one of the Mom’s asking if she could drop her daughter an hour early.  What am I to say right?  Of course.  SO the festivities are due to begin in about 20 minutes.  The morning was spent finishing up some cleaning and hanging a few decorations,  cupcakes were made yesterday.  My excited beyond words daughter has spent the afternoon in her room watching TV and trying to stay calm.

A birthday swim under a rainbow
A birthday swim under a rainbow

By 6:00 pm the volume level in my house was WAY up!  Both girls were here by 5:15 and the festivities were off with a screaming, screeching bang.  I sent them to the Wii to dance a bit, try to calm the excitement just a little lol. They danced, went for a swim, ate both pizza and cupcakes, read magazines and finally settled in with a movie.  The girls all seemed to have a great time.  I am not posting pics of the girls since two are not my own, but we did get many great ones that Meg will be able to look back on with good memories.IMG_4679

Sunday morning started early since one of the girls had to leave first thing.  For the others it was chocolate chip pancakes and bacon followed by a nice morning swim under bright blue skies.  That is where we are right now.  I am sitting at the kitchen table watching the three of them play in the pool amazed that they can still maintain the volume of last night.  Meg’s friend who is still here is due to leave in about 2 hours after which I expect my own girls to crash.

I will get the real feedback from Megan later but it does seem that the party was a huge success!  On the smile scale it was a 10!

Seeing smiles on my daughter’s faces makes my world complete!