The greatness that can be

If anyone has been staying up late to watch the olympics at night they have seen the gymnastics. What I have really enjoyed is watching  Ally Reisman’s parents, especially her father.  These two people look like they are in pure agony as their daughter performs.  And they have seen some big ups and downs.  You have seen tears in her fathers eyes but also the overwhelming pride that only a parent can feel when their baby has done something great.

My kids are still young so I can only imagine, you see them growing, watch the connections being made and conceptualize the greatness that can be, someday.  I do everything I can to provide the tools, support, assistance and shoulder to cry on ,and hope and pray that the decisions I make are the right ones.  (I also hope that down the road they do not end up on some couch saying it all starts with my mother..)

Only time will tell of course.

Went to the farmers market again today…fed the animals while we were there.