A loving pet

Years ago Frank and went to the animal shelter with the intentions of adopting a kitten.  Once there, they implored us to take 2 due to extreme over crowding.  We headed into the cat room and began to walk down the aisle looking from cage to cage.  One little black and white kitten jumped to the front of a cage and attempted to climb the little bars.  For those old enough to remember the movie Gremlins, she looked just like one of the little monsters with giant ears and eyes the size of silver dollars.  She picked me!  I pointed her out and went along and did choose a second cat.  They were both a little sick so we were send home with meds and told to follow-up with a Vet.

Once home, we realized the adorable black and white baby was younger than we thought not even able to feed herself.  I found myself bottle feeding her sitting on the kitchen counter.  We named her Lexi. I guess it was a test run at children.  Throughout the years we had other animals that came and went.   A dog who we had to give away after he tried to bite Meg, my mother’s cat that we took in after she passed.  She went a bit crazy when I was pregnant with Megan so she too had to leave the family.

When the girls were younger we added Holly, our beautiful black lab who wanted nothing more than to play with our now aging kitty.  Lexi would sit on a chair just high enough to smack the dog in the face, she did not share the urge to play.  Eventually Lexi moved herself to the basement no longer climbing the steps, and interestingly the dog never went down.  It was always as if they had made an arrangement on living space, often staring at each other at the stairs.

Over the years no matter the changes to our household, Lexi was a constant, @18 years old.  She moved a little slower and screamed a bit louder and maybe did not hear as much as she once did but she was our girl.

This morning we said goodbye to Lexi, finding her peaceful in a corner after she did not come to eat.  She will be missed.


An old friend

Early in our marriage, Frank and I  adopted a crazy little shih tzu puppy that we named Marshall.  It was probably a bad decision at the time.  We were very busy both working long hours.  Marshall spent a lot of time alone.  He had behavioral issues that we never corrected but we did love the little guy.

Marshall and Megan May 2005
Marshall and Megan May 2005

Although the dog was house broken, it was a regular occurrence to have puddles around.  Yes gross, but again, we loved the little fellow and tolerated it.  When Megan was born the dog wanted little to do with the baby which was fine with me.

Then came the day that changed everything.  I was standing in the kitchen next to a half wall that separated the family room.  Megan was in there with Marshall, she was maybe 18 months old, and I heard the scream.  I looked over to see Marshall with Meg’s arm in his mouth.  I grabbed the first thing I saw which happened to be a shoe.  He did not bite down instead only scratched her.  I am very sure that if I had not been there he would have bitten her arm.

That was his last day in our home.  We could not have an animal that we could not trust around our baby.  We also loved the dog so after a little research found a refuge that would take him.  We were very honest with the man who ran the refuge because we did not want Marshall to hurt anyone.  He committed to us that even if he could not find someone to adopt the dog, he would not put him down. To our surprise we received notification that he was adopted by an older couple whose children were grown and out of the house.

Over the years we stayed in contact with the wonderful woman who took in our little monster.  He bit her once pretty severely yet like us, there was just something about him that she loved.  She took him everywhere and loved him deeply.

The last year or so he has had several health issues.  Today we received an e-mail that Marshall passed away.  I am sad mostly for the fine woman who took him in, cared for his crazy self over the years and loved him so.  This is the last paragraph from the e-mail she sent to us today,

Marshall will be very missed by all of us.   He had a very happy life with us, full of love and fun outings and good food (some good human food too!)    My little sweetheart, my little handsome guy, go in peace to heaven, my Marshall, you are in our hearts forever.
What can you say to that?  She is a fine woman.  I am sorry for her loss and thankful that she was there to take in Marshall. He was very lucky to have her in his life!