Back-to-School Pinterest Bitches

Hats off to this mom for speaking the truth! I am not one to typically “reblog” but I just could not let this one pass without sharing. Hope it puts a smile on your face like it did mine.


Bitchin Sisters

It’s that time of year again. The kids are going back to school, Target is abuzz with harried moms, the beaches are emptying, I’m still not tan and shit’s about to get real on Pinterest:

I went to Ocean State Job Lot and bought my daughter’s school supplies. After washing last year’s perfectly good bag, I packed it very neatly, wrote her a little ‘good luck’ note and felt like a mom rock star. Then this bitch went and did this:

And then her asshole mom friend did this:

Sweet baby Jesus in the sky, why do people have to be so crafty?

I had a glass of wine, felt inspired and worked on this little project. Evidently, you’re not supposed to use a blow torch to melt the Crayons:

Raise your hand if your kids’ last three years of school pictures are somewhere in the bottom of your “To Do” file. #mustmailtorelativesbeforecollege.

I’m just glad that my…

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Craft time with mints

If you are on Facebook I am sure you are aware of Pinterest.  I resisted for a long time.  I do not spend that much time on Facebook and figured the last thing I needed was one more thing in my life to take up time.  While recovering from my mastectomy I gave in and conformed.

Randomly I will jump in and find a chuckle at some things, roll my eyes at others and “pin” things that I find very interesting even though in my heart I know I will never, ever do anything with them.  Many of the things I look at are either food  items that I think would be very tasty or craft item.  Madison is a very creative child whose mind is always going.  I try to find things that we could do together.

With the holidays upon us,  the other day I saw something that I thought was perfect.  The DIY peppermint candy serving tray.  The instructions seemed easy enough.  After the holiday show at Madison’s school on Tuesday I took her home with me.  On the way we stopped for the main, and only ingredient, starbright mints.  At home we preheated the oven, laid out the waxed paper on a cookie sheet and crafted our design.  About 8 minutes in the oven and our serving dishes were ready!

Work of Art…no. Fun time with my baby, most defiantly!


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