Roundup anyone?

So after the operation weed whacker story yesterday, the news did a few minutes examining the changing opinions on marijuana.  It was actually very interesting.  The reports went out asking normal folks walking along about their thoughts on legalization.  They talked to all types of people random age, sex and color yet the answer was over whelmingly the same.  People did not seem to care what others did as long as it was done responsibly.

From there they talked to both the police commissioner and DA of Phila who of course were not pro legalization but both agreed it was time to change laws.  In PA no matter what the quantity you are caught with, you are arrested, charged and taken in to the station.  Why would two men charged with upholding the law and order say they feel that it may be time to at least change some laws?  Well, to start, $320 million  spent in Pennsylvania alone on what they described as small quantity possession charges.  Thousands of arrests, time in court, police that could be out on the streets addressing the violence issues running rampant in the city.

I am not arguing one way or the other on the topic.  I had never really put much thought into it to be honest but those numbers do draw my attention. If nothing else it is a very interesting debate.