Correctness-A downward spiral

Democracy A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.  

Through school I was always taught that the basic belief of democracy was the belief that  the rights of the many outweighed the rights of the few.  As kids, we would vote for everything from which game to play to where to eat, of course with the majority vote winning.  The outcome of those votes were accepted, even if not loved by all because everyone at least had input.

Recently things are far from the free world in which I grew up. The rights of the few in many corners seem to far outweigh those of the masses.  Freedom of speech squelched by small groups who feel they have the right to quiet ideas they do not like.  Political rallies shouted down by a handful interfering with the rights of the thousands who attended to hear the speakers.  Media outlets turning off microphones to guests daring to disagree.  A free and fair media replaced by big money corporations drilling in ideology from both sides relentlessly in a 24 hour news cycle.

The hatred and division are clear in all aspects of our lives,  preventing the free flow of ideas.  Social media filled with silly memes and those who must post every article they see supporting the ideas they share.   Public shaming of people who not too long ago were allowed, even encouraged to live and speak freely.   I find it fascinating that as a society we are so concerned about bullying in our schools yet on a too often regular basis otherwise intelligent adults are bullying each other.

I am sad and aggravated.  I long for a better time.



Day after day we hear stories about how unfair life is and how those that “have”  owe something to those that do not. As a country we seem to be losing our perspective. Hard work, drive, education no longer seem important. Entry level workers think they should be paid equivalent to those who spent much more time on education and experience. Many feel the government should take care of them and that pay scales should be equal regardless of education or time spent.   To top it off was an article a few months ago suggesting parents who read to their children at night are providing an unfair advantage to their children.  When does it stop?

Lower the standards , don’t offend, don’t rock the boat. Make everything “fair”. We give participation awards to all of the kids and mandate playing time as to not exclude or hurt feelings.  We make excuses instead of demanding improvements, instead of working to bridge the gaps and raise the bar. Since millions have never heard the word NO, they are growing up to expect everything handed to them.

We have a presidential election not too far away where on one side we have a blow-hard spouting any and every crazy thing that comes to his head and on the other a woman so surrounded in corruption.  Is this really it?  Is this what we are to build our future on?  What is worse is the fact that as a society we are so divided that both have a loyal following.

What are we leaving our children?

Seriously…enough with the clutter!

Why is it that with any upcoming election there also has to come with it the none stop visual pollution of crappy lawn signs.  I am not talking about the 1 or 2 a homeowner choses to place on their own property.  I mean the hundreds even thousands that seem to be placed every ten feet throughout town. My favorites tend to be the ones in front of closed businesses.  The big question, is anyone actually swayed by the 10, 20..…50 little signs stacked literally on top of each other on every corner?  Does my mind change each time I see the sign for the next candidate?

I love driving along and seeing the same sign every 20 feet down and entire road.  To not be out done the competitors team has placed signs also  in between.  Stopped at a red light, I stare at each corner just cluttered with signs from every race.  What I do not understand is the multiples from each candidate with in a very small area.  SO, is the thinking that is politician “A” has more signs I will vote for said person?

Thankfully election day is tomorrow.  I think there should be a law, if any sign remains for more than a day after the election that candidate should be fined heavily for each sign!  By the way, don’t forget to vote!