New chapters in life

With both of my girls heading to school full-time this year, it has been difficult for me to stay focused.   No surgeries to schedule, no scans or appointment to get to and no child arriving home after just a few hours of school for lunch.  A few weeks ago I finally settled myself into the reality that my babies were growing.  I decided that although I still need to be home for bus stop and homework duty, I needed to spread my wings a bit.  I spent many nights after the rest of the family was in bed thinking about what my day would look like.

I started to think about jobs and what that would look like. I reached out to some old work colleagues for advice.  One stood out, the person said,  “say what you believe and get your family/work boundaries established early”.  As I looked around I saw part-time work that required weekends or night hours.  The only times I have missed putting my girls to bed was when I was in the hospital after the mastectomy.  My girls play soccer as well as many other things and I love being the proud momma on the sidelines win-lose or draw.  Many headaches, much thinking and the words, “get your family/work boundaries established early.”

I turned to what seemed to be the most logical place available, our local school district employment board.  I sent a few applications for things, went for an interview 2 weeks ago and received final word today.  I am now officially a cafeteria/playground assistant at one of the local elementary schools.  I will work a few hours a day but will have off when my girls do, go in after they are well on the way to school and will be home in plenty of time to get them from the bus.  Sounds perfect!

I have not worked outside of my home for 9 years now….I am still amazed as I think about that.  I will admit that I am a bit nervous and excited about the next chapter in our lives. It is a long way from CEO of IBM, (what I always told my mother I wanted to be when I was young) but for a first grader who can’t open that darn water bottle….pretty important :-).

Thank you to all who provided thoughts and advice.  I appreciated it all!