Pumpkins and Potter

Hanging with my girls today carving pumpkins and watching Harry Potter movies.  We have seen them all several times but it is a ritual now.  We start with the first movie, settle in with popcorn and hot chocolate and snuggle under a big blanket.  It takes months to complete them all since it is not an every weekend thing.  Once we complete them all, we start over.  Just some nice, relaxed time with my girls.  Right now is Deathly Hallows Pt1.

The big project of the morning was the carving of my first ever Hello Kitty pumpkin.  Madison is obsessed with Kitty.  We printed the stencil from a website.  It took almost 2 hours to complete and a very cramped hand but we had success! I sprayed it with Aqua Net hair spray after I was finished in an attempt to preserve it for a while.  Aqua net can get ink out of carpets, seal a hair style for weeks so I was hoping it would extend the life of our pumpkin.






I also plan on cooking tonight.  Not just a quick dinner like normal but instead a nice roast beef, sliced mushrooms maybe a healthy salad.  I love the smell of a roast cooking in the oven.  I always have. With all of the running we do, it is nice to have a sit down dinner as often as possible.

Not as busy this week. I see the gastroenterologist on Friday.  Now there is something to look forward to.