Craft time with mints

If you are on Facebook I am sure you are aware of Pinterest.  I resisted for a long time.  I do not spend that much time on Facebook and figured the last thing I needed was one more thing in my life to take up time.  While recovering from my mastectomy I gave in and conformed.

Randomly I will jump in and find a chuckle at some things, roll my eyes at others and “pin” things that I find very interesting even though in my heart I know I will never, ever do anything with them.  Many of the things I look at are either food  items that I think would be very tasty or craft item.  Madison is a very creative child whose mind is always going.  I try to find things that we could do together.

With the holidays upon us,  the other day I saw something that I thought was perfect.  The DIY peppermint candy serving tray.  The instructions seemed easy enough.  After the holiday show at Madison’s school on Tuesday I took her home with me.  On the way we stopped for the main, and only ingredient, starbright mints.  At home we preheated the oven, laid out the waxed paper on a cookie sheet and crafted our design.  About 8 minutes in the oven and our serving dishes were ready!

Work of Art…no. Fun time with my baby, most defiantly!


ImageImage 1