It’s the final countdown!

I got to once again spend the day with Madison’s Kindergarten class on Thursday for the Valentine’s ice creme party.  We helped the kids each pass out their cards, played a rousing game of musical hearts and then they were sugared up on ice creme sundaes.  What more could you possibly want at 6 years old?sugar-dumb

Today the girls were off from school so we began to complete the final checklist for our trip.  We went to the salon where they both got haircuts.  Then we went to the mall for some clothes for Madison.  Of course while we were there we could not pass up the opportunity to enjoy some jumbo pizza slices at the food court.

The weather is calling for some possible snow over night tonight but by the time we got home from the mall it was in the mid 50’s and sunny.  The girls finally had an opportunity to try out the roller skates they received at Christmas. It was a nice day with my girls!


Image 1

One more week before we are on a plane to Disney World!  Yippie!!!!  With each day the anticipation grows even more!  I hope and pray for great weather and an even better time with my family!


The mundane and beautiful feeling of normal

I am sitting and watching the Eagles game, I  wonder if I will even be able to stay awake into the second half.  The day started with a stop for shoes for myself and the girls, then to buy some organizational things for the kitchen and new sheets for our bed.  I can not remember when we got new sheets.   Then to Justice for a new outfit for school pictures this week.  Lastly a stop for a new binder that Megan will need in the TAG program.

At home, time to put it all away and jump right into the organization projects. First put the new sheets into the washer. Back to the projects,  I have a “junk” counter where everything collects.  It is a tiny stand alone counter in a corner that is really not good for anything kitchen related so it became the home of my purse, bills, binder full of insurance paperwork etc from my surgery, all supplies office/school related, glasses, phone charger, tissues  etc.  The ever going list is why it was time for some way to attempt to organize.  This along with another little project took about 2 or so hours.  By the time I was finished it was dinner time.

After the dishes were cleaned up, outside for some Halloween decorating. Back in grab the sheets from the dryer and put them on to the bed, love the feel of the sheets first day on the bed!  Bath the little one, get snacks ready , sit for reading time with Madison, blink and realize the day is all but over.

AHHH, normalcy. For as tired as I am after a day like today, it is still a nice feeling.  Just a few short weeks ago my activites were still restricted due to the mastectomy.  Even when I was released to normal activity I could not imagine pulling off a full day of activity.  It is nice to be basically back to normal, whatever that means.  I never have a day where I am not reminded of the mastectomy (and I do not mean the obvious).  I still have the ever present tightness in my abdomen and the scar has really become irritating.   The newpples are still uneven and one remains twice the size of the other.  Wearing a bra is still not my most favorite thing but I can get through most of the day without an issue.  I can finally lay on my sides for a short while in bed which is a welcome change.

I dread the thoughts of another procedure in my future but I know that is will be minor in comparison to the past two.  Almost there!



I went shopping today, kind of.  I was going to go out and buy a few things.  I have been looking so frumpy in my baggy clothes.  I decided to take a walk first and while doing so I had some time to think about what I needed.  That is when I realized, I had absolutely no idea where to start.  So when I arrived back home  I decided I should do a quick inventory of my closet.  Between the massive reduction in boob size, and the lifestyle changes I had made over the last year or so, I have lost 40 pounds, 15 of it since the surgery.

It turned out to be a very productive afternoon and one of the best shopping trips I have ever had and I never left the house.  I did not realize just how much weight I had gained.  I guess I just kept pushing things to the back of the closet as they got tight, hoping some day they would once again fit.  Well, happily that day is today!  I honestly can not remember the last time I cleaned out my closet.  I found things that I do not think I ever wore.  I also found some old favorites that I could not even get on let alone button a year ago that will now be entered into normal rotation.

I am very sore tonight from all of the trying on of clothes.  I took everything out and tried it.  I of course had to keep a bra on the entire time.  The “girls” are not happy tonight, probably the most uncomfortable I have been in a few weeks.

My wallet was thrilled with the luck we had today!  I was not looking forward to a big shopping bill especially since I am not exactly sure if I have reached my final size.  My surgeon said it would take months before my body finished shifting (for lack of a better word) .  I also am so pleased with how I am both looking and feeling that I have been inspired to maintain a daily exercise regime.  I am up to about 150 sit ups a day on top of either a long walk or some time on the elliptical.

Amazing it was just 2 months ago that I could not get myself out of bed.  The important thing now is to keep it up!