Three short days from today

literally-like-this-it-wasWell the big countdown is on!  The first sleepover!  We are so very excited, and by “we” I mean my soon to be 9-year-old and her BFF who called this morning so they could giggle about the coming party.

During the day there were moments of spontaneous happiness as I was reminded of the actual amount of days left in the countdown. The joys of youth, if we could all get so excited the world would be a much better place. We are now in preparation mode.  Cleaning the entire house is at the top of the list since we will also have a family party next weekend.  Meg has actually been very helpful with the cleaning.  Amazing what you can achieve with a well motivated child.

All I hope is that the actual event comes close to the expectations my child has for the night.

11 days post BPM

Good Friday morning and just amazed when I look at a calendar to realize it really has been 11 days.  I could try to say they have been a breeze but that is not true.  It has been a bit of a roller coaster over the last few days. Some tears, laughs, mood swings, yelling oh hell just like normal right?

So where are we so far today?  To start with not nearly as cranky as I have been able to sleep better the last 2 nights.  Thank you valuim.  Next I have been wearing my biker shorts, hmm do not remember if I blogged about that.  When I was at the follow-up on Wednesday, my hubby asked about an abdominal binder.  The doctor advised that biker shorts would provide the same service cheaper and easier.  He stated that basically the tighter I could handle being bound the happier I would be with the end result of the tummy side of our surgery.  It is fascinating, I had to send Frank out for the next size down which I will move to today.  Even with who knows how many stitches in, it is the flattest my stomach has been since at least prior to child-birth!

I am still very sore but the pain is settling for the most part.  I am almost able to lift my left arm completely above my head with a slight strain my right is a little behind.  A little every day.  I will not need any type of rehab for this just time.

I still struggle to get into and out of bed.  I can get in with no help just a LOT of moaning but getting out sometimes I feel like a turtle stuck on my back.  I can eventually find my way out but a slight tug from anyone going by is often a welcome assist.

My girls have been wonderful!  Running the laundry, running and emptying the dishwasher and just being so great keeping my water full etc!  I feel bad that they are cooped up with me.  Yesterday my sister came so they were able to play in the pool while I napped.. a big win for all!  They will have a sleep over with her next week.  She lives down the shore and loves the beach.  I find the beach to be a big disgusting mud pit so it will be the first time my girls will ever go. It will provide me with some quiet and them with some much deserved fun activity!

That’s it for now.  Going to go enjoy my morning coffee.  Everyday gets better.  To sum it up, I wish I could be running around doing my normal daily things.  But, I can’t.  To look at where I am 11 days out of such a massive surgery..well it is amazing!