A busy week and medical advances

First day for all of us
First day for all of us

The summer has officially ended in our house with the yearly closing of the pool.  There are still some very warm days in the forecast like today’s heat in excess of 90 degrees, but once school starts there is just not enough time in the day. Speaking of school, the fist day was a success for all!  Both girls had great days especially our new first grader.

Ready to take the field
Ready to take the field

The first day seems like a life time ago already.  Saturday morning was picture perfect.  Although there was a slight chill in the air, the sun, high in a bright blue sky was warm and comfortable.  Our day started with a season opening soccer game with the youngest at 9am.  At her age they play 2 fields of 4 on 4, open goal.  This is my husbands first year coaching soccer and the first time most of the girls have played together.  There were many bright spots.  A little girl who just could not keep herself from picking up the ball mid play was not necessarily one of the brightest but the season looks to be fun none the less.

The look of a 3-0 shut-out to start the season!
The look of a 3-0 shut-out to start the season!

The travel game with the older child was much better.  I think what made this game so much fun was the fact that over the last year we sat through many (emphasis many) bad, down right ugly soccer games.  With Megan as the full-time goal keeper this year we feel extra pressure to ensure she plays her best.  Saturday the entire team stepped up and played the best game we have seen them play as a team.  The final score was 3-0..first game of the year and first shut out of what we hope will be a wonderful soccer year for Megan and team.

The week is flying by with time split between my few hours at the school doing cafeteria and playground duty, soccer practice, karate and everything in between.  How quickly our lazy days of summer have been filled with days that just do not have enough hours.

On a totally different note, I caught a few minutes of the news last night  as I was getting dinner ready for the girls.  The story was about a new pump to help to identify breast cancer up to 10 years sooner than with current methods.  I do not know how much data they have collected on it or how accurate it is but I would like to believe that such advances are true and reliable.  I think about my young daughters and the very real high risk possibility that they face of breast cancer.  I can only hope and pray that the advances continue so by the time my babies have to face tough decisions,  like me they will be lucky enough to be able to act proactively.

First day of school, bras and need for the weekend


The long-awaited, heavily anticipated day finally arrived, the first day of school!  Thankfully, both girls had a great day.  We had some struggles last year with Meg’s teacher so she was worried heading in but came home thrilled.

Madison was ready to go at 7am this morning although the bus was not until 9am.  She loved that she got 30 minutes alone with us between her bus and Megan’s. She was so great, bus came she looked at me waved and said “bye Mom” and up the steps she went.  I knew she would be like that so I made her give me a big hug before we went down for the bus.  She waved happily from the window as the bus pulled away, then I was alone.  Walking home I might have shed a little tear but part was sad that my babies were growing up but the other was just how proud I am of who they are becoming!

Since I had to go to the bus stop this morning I got up and  took a shower, my first full shower in two weeks which felt wonderful! I got dressed including a bra. I put on an old sport bra which is pretty close to the right size.  I am still so swollen on the sides it is hard to tell what size I really am.  Due to the incisions under my arms and the bruising I still have from the lipo, I can only express my feelings on wearing the bra as down right painful.  And since I have to be a fully functioning member of society I must remain narcotic free during the day.

Frank  stopped at VIctoria Secrets yesterday on his way home as a surprise.  I have not been able to shop there in years due to size.  I still have the steri strips so I will save my new fancy bra for a few days. I cleaned out my drawer yesterday and in doing so realized I was a 40 DDD prior to surgery.  No wonder I had such back issues!  I know that each day will be a little better.

I need to get my stamina back up.  I am wiped out! Bus stops, laundry and some other things around the house, dinner and soccer practice should not do me in like this.  The highlight of my day was getting home taking a vicodine and getting my bra off…ahh the little things in life!


Just another day

I start the day with the hope that today is better than the last.  Yesterday started with the system issues at Disney which was not really bad but a foreshadowing of things to come.

During the afternoon I had an oportunity to lay down for a while which I jumped on.  I grabbed 2 ice packs settled in flat on my back with the packs under each arm.  Ahhh the comfort.  It did not take long to slide off to dream land.  I do not know how long I was asleep when I heard the sounds of my doorknob being rattled followed by the doorbell.  I was in such a deep sleep I twisted and jumped straight up ice packs flying.  Turns out it was of course my husband who forgot his key.  I swore I pulled all of the stitches out of the right side.  Thankfully after sitting quietly with another ice pack and a pill the pain subsided.

Once I was again in a happy place, I began to get dinner ready for the kids before soccer practice.  Raviolli.  I started to boil the water and then headed to the fridge for an already opened bottle of sauce (by no means am I Julia Childs in the kitchen). As I pulled the bottle out it hit me that the lid was not secure.  When did it hit you may ask?  Well when the bottle dropped to the floor staying fully intact, which I believe made the situation worse.  Sauce literally  shot over 20 feet into my dinning room hitting not only chairs and the table but leaving a red streak as far as the eye could see across the beige carpet.  I stood screaming which brought the entire family to the scene.  There was a time early in our marriage that this would have caused a screaming fight between Frank and I over who put the jar away open.  Thankfully those days are long gone and everyone jumped in to clean up.  Once almost finished someone looked up, it was on the ceiling also! OMG!

Pain once again after carpet scrubbing, more pills. The carpet is not perfect but with 2 kids, an 80 pound dog and a husband it was not before the sauce.

So the Disney planning of the day.  Thankfully no issues today! These will be for a day spent in Animal Kingdom.  We will start at The Tusker House Cafe with Donald and the gang for Breakfast and The Rainforest Cafe for a fun and lively lunch.  We will head back to the hotel for an African inspired restaurant meal at Sanaa.

We are all so looking forward to this trip!