A never ending cycle, STOP

Our entire lives are spent working to prepare for the next thing.  Kindergarten is spent getting kids ready for first grade.  Stand in any first grade classroom throughout the day and you will hear continually that they will need to know this for second grade.  Elementary school is all about preparing for middle school, middle school for high school and the four years spent there is all about getting into the right college (or for many of what you could afford).  We go to college to be prepared for the real world and once there many feel they are totally not prepared!

What no one ever tells you is that there is just no end to the cycle.  When we are young we assume that it is all for a purpose, as if we will be rewarded as a result of our years of preparation.  Once out of school it is about working to get ahead or more the norm just to stay afloat.  Work hard, hard, harder just to pay your bills and don’t forget the outstretched hand of the government.  Property taxes, sales taxes, federal income taxes and for many of us state income taxes and now a presidential election where some say we still don’t pay enough.

Our lives lived as if we were merely hamsters on a wheel, running in circles.  images

Recently there has been much sadness around us.  Cancer, a very rare medical situation and a massive heart attack.  Taken much too young,  a friend, an acquaintance , a relative of a friend, all under 50 years.  Why does it take such tragedy to make you say STOP, if even for just a little while.  We spent the weekend as a family enjoying beautiful weather and some great soccer.


Sure the bills must be paid and the tests taken.  The days will pass but we all need to make a conscience effort to enjoy the little things.  To stop and recognize the beauty of each day.  I am not an extremely religious person but I thank God for each morning I get to kiss the girls as I wake them or see them smile with each new achievement.  Life is too short, before you know it you are looking back wishing for one more moment.  Enjoy the moments while in them, smile more and worry less.  It’s easy enough to say right? I am willing to put in the effort!




I live in a normal little suburban town. Well, I know it is normal but the elected “powers that be” insist on calling us a “premiere community”. I am not sure who ever designated my fine community as such and maybe sometime long ago it was “premiere”. Today it is an over taxed, shrinking community hit hard by the recession. Lots of empty store fronts, (although they have brought in several cash for gold stores and we have dollar stores in every center) school enrollment down, many empty houses and potholes the size of small cities.

potholeThe potholes make driving around town something of an adventure. A little swerve to the left, a slight veer to the right while making sure not to cross the middle line or drive into on coming traffic. I feel like I am preparing for the extreme games just heading to the drug store. The biggest problem is that I am not talking about 1 or 2 roads, it is everywhere. Patches put over patches have become big problems. This is top of mind for me right now since the county just went through the process of reassessing all homes. We will be seeing a significant increase in property taxes. There is no way we could ever sell the house for the amount we are being told it is worth but they don’t care. Now, if this was the first increase we were seeing in a while maybe I could accept it but we have seen increases year after year.-614549e91b17a15c

But I digress. Since nothing is going to change, please keep all hands inside the ride while it is moving. Strap in tight, it is going to be a bumpy ride!