Rituals and preparation

When I was young we did not know who our teacher would be until the first day of school.  We would arrive at school, be shuffled into the cafeteria and then called to line up at which point a teacher would stand and take us to a class room.  I am not sure how things work in other places but in my district my experiences as a child are totally foreign.  Instead there is an almost ritualistic gathering that occurs at each school build after 4pm the Friday before Labor day.  The masses pour into school lots and herd around the front doors to view the lists that have been posted.  Crowds then stand while some discuss this one or that one.

We of course take part in the ritual.  We do not take part in the after gossip.  I have friends who send letter requesting certain teachers while they will openly express their dislike for others.  Over my 41 years of life I have come to realize that you can not please all of the people all of the time nor can you please some people ever.  Although I am very open to seeking others opinions sometimes, I find it very annoying when people offer their negative opinions in front of my children.  Learning how to deal with different personalities is an important part of learning and growing.

The rest of the weekend was spent with all of us getting ready for school, wrapping up the summer and easing into the fall routine.  Saturday we had a 3 game soccer tournament which took up 8 hours of our day.  Sunday was shopping followed by what may possibly be the last swim in the pool for the season for Frank and the girls.  Today a family road trip which ended in pouring rain and bumper to bumper traffic, they can’t all be winners I guess.

I also have been preparing to return to work.  Friday I had a required physical and TB shot, all completed with normal results :-).  Tomorrow I will be fingerprinted and then will report to Human Resources to turn in my rather thick pile of new hire paperwork.  I have also studied my handbook, which I am sure I will do at least 10 more time before Friday.  Busy week ahead! I hope we are all ready.

My last day in Kindergarten

Where has the year gone?  Today was my last day helping out in Madison’s class.  Instead of the normal writing assignment, the kids painted butterfly wings.  The other Mom who rotated weeks with me all year was also there.  We met up in the office by chance as we were signing into the school.  The Kindergarten building is actually made up of 2 different buildings due to additions over time.  We have to sign in at the main building, then walk to the next and buzz in.  As we were signing in a massive storm was rolling in.  Of course as soon as we walked out of the door the skies opened up.  We did not have to go far but I am sure the sight of the two crazy middle-aged woman running down the ramp was a sight to be seen.

It was a nice day with the children.  As we walked in the class, a little soggy, the kids all thanked us in Kindergarten unison.  Madi’s teacher even gave us a little thank you gift, totally unnecessary!  If she only knew how much I have enjoyed the time in the class! Her teacher was a wonderful young woman, I can only hope we run into more like her along the way!

I took Madison home with me which was a big wish list item for her.  Thankfully by the time we left the storm had rolled through.  I can not believe that next week she will officially be pre-first grader! My baby is growing up.

On a totally different note, Megan’s piano recital is next week.  Her father recorded her this morning so she could see herself.  I still remember her little baby fingers banging on the red plastic piano with multi colored keys as a baby.  You have come a long way Megan!  Just beautiful!

The day after..

Madison had a wonderful day touring the elementary school yesterday.  The kids were each provided a name tag lanyard which  included their name, Kindergarten teacher, and bus number.  She wore the tag proudly through the halls of the “big kid school”. Everyone she ran into asked her the same question, “are you Megan’s sister?”  There are some children who would be annoyed by this but not my little one.  She takes it as a badge of honor, she is famous because she is Meg’s little sister.  Hey, whatever works right?

The highlight of the day was when her group was taken into a 3rd grade classroom, the very same one that holds her big sister.  She was so excited to see Megan sitting at her desk.  Meg fielded questions for the rest of the day about her little sister from both friends and teachers alike.  Both seemed to equally enjoy the attention.

I always joke that I have nothing from my childhood.  A few pictures but that’s about it.  I was the third child for one and with my parents being divorced and my mother not being the warmest person in the world she was not a big saver of things.  I have gone to the other extreme.  I have funny papers that my girls have written over the years, pictures drawn and special items that mean something from the time each was born.  They are kept in what the girls have termed my “keeper boxes”.  When Megan was in Kindergarten, her teacher put together a booklet of things showing the growth the kids had from the time they started school.  She asked that we write a note to include.  Frank wrote the note and we included a picture from the first day of school.

Before Madison left for school yesterday, she was greeted to breakfast by a note written by her father at her place at the table.  He actually started working on it weeks ago and asked me for a picture from the fist week of school. She read it while chopping on a banana.   I feel that you can never express enough the love we feel for our kids. From someone who grew up rarely hearing the words “I love you”, I have come to learn, you can never say them enough!