Sunshine on my shoulders….

I feel like it was just a week or two ago where I was on here complaining about the cold temperatures.  For weeks we had been stuck in grey skies, winds that felt like they would never end and damp chilly air.

Well, happy days are here again!  We seem to have jumped from winter right into summer and enjoyed an 83 degree day today with bright beautiful sun shine and perfect blue skies.  To make it even better, tomorrow looks to be a repeat and yesterday was almost as great!  A local news station does a little rating with the weather and today was awarded a perfect 10, something I had never seen.  I fully concur!

I have spent hours outside cleaning up the yard, pruning bushes and mulching.  As Frank and I get older this Spring clean up takes a little longer and causes more aches and pains but I still love it!  To me it is part of the pride of home ownership.  There is no race on getting it finished and I will be back at it tomorrow.  I enjoy spending time in the yard and am perfectly willing to put in the time and effort to make it the way we like!

In a few weeks we will be able to plant our veggie garden.  This is something that the girls and I do together.  I enjoy watching them as we watch the plants mature.  They take it very serious fully understanding that the care given to those little plants produce wonderful vegetables that we enjoy for months.  We grow so many cherry tomatoes that through the summer months we always have a bowl full left on the island for all day snacking. Last summer my beautiful little girls had to handle most of the harvesting themselves since I was recovering. Although they did a wonderful job,  I look forward to being fully involved this year! The area is prepped and ready, we even expanded again this year.

A harvest from last season
A harvest from last season

The weekend looks to be heading back into the 50’s.  I am sure that will feel really cold after these few days.  Until then, I will fully enjoy every ray of sun I can!

A rise in temperature

So when I took Madison to the doctor on Friday, he said that there were not seeing much flu but were seeing a ton of different viruses.  He said that it was a virus that Madison had and therefore there was not much he could do.  I asked him about my nieces birthday party and he explained that the viruses were hanging around for days/weeks and that if her temp was down she could go and if it was up he would stay home.  He explained that there was a possibility if could spike up and down for days.

When we woke up Saturday morning her temp was about 99.4 ish. She always runs higher than 98.6 and she seemed fine. She begged me to go to the party.  I decided to call my brother for his thoughts. We agreed that it would be a shame to have her miss it if she seemed fine and quit honestly, with all of the illness floating around I am very sure she was not the only person at that bowling alley not 100%!

We made it to the bowling party and went back to the house for a little while but it was not too long before she started to fade, and quickly.  On the way home we listened to her new Rick Charette CD, he performs children’s songs and was at her school the other day. She just loves him!  When we got home we put on some comfy jammies and watched a little TV waiting for Frank to get home from California.  The girls really hoped to wait up for him but at 9:15 is was obvious it was going to be a while so I put Madison to bed.  I am glad I did because we did not see Frank until 11:30!

Madison did not get out of bed this morning until about 9:30 which is unheard of in this house!  This child is typically up by 7am.  When she came downstairs he cheeks were red and she looked terrible.  Her temperature was 102. Did I cause this taking her out yesterday?  I hope not!  Oh well can not go back in time so through a mixture of motrin and tylenol and a day spent in warm jammies, she seems much better tonight.  Thankfully they are off from school tomorrow.

Hopefully we did not infect anyone…it was a very nice party!