A very nice day!

One thing I love about Thanksgiving is homemade turkey soup.  I remember the smell that would fill the house as a kid when my mother would cook up a pot.  I never loved the vegetables so she would sit and remove everything except the turkey.   I am not great in the kitchen but I make a grand attempt with my soup.  I dropped the carcass into the pot around 9 this morning. Celery, carrots, onion all which I will remove.  What can I say, one good thing about homemade is it is made my way! The house smells wonderful.

Yesterday was a very nice day.  Watching the parade with the girls was a pleasant start to the day.  They love to sing and dance around with the performers.  The big balloons are always a hit.  My brother came over for a few hours and the kids had a blast.  Frank did a great job with the Turkey.  And for desert, the extremely untraditional, yet totally delicious chocolate cupcakes made by Frank and the girls.

I was a good day!  I enjoy spending time with my brother’s family and look forward to Christmas!

Parades, Football, Turkey and much Thanks!

The girls and I got going early this morning and  showered and dressed so we could watch the Parade.  Although Philadelphia has a parade that I grew up watching, we chose New York.  My mother would not be pleased but for the girls The Macy’s parade  is so much more entertaining.  Singing, dancing and of course the balloons. I remember as a kid watching and anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. Now he is in the mall early November but back then the arrival in the parade was the kick off of the season. Sad how greed has wiped out so many traditions.

My brother and his family will stop by for a few hours before heading off to their final dinner destination.  The kids will get to play with their cousins. Football will take over the television while Frank takes over in the kitchen.

I feel good but will lay low today.  I plan on just enjoying the day.

I am thankful for my family, my health and look forward to a great holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Cleaning and more surgery-round 3

Tomorrow is the day.  Hopefully the last of the surgeries.  So what have I been doing this weekend?  What else…cleaning, preparing and making sure everything is taken care of for the next few days without much assistance from me.  I have washed, folded and put away 4-5 loads of laundry, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen and vacuumed every carpet.

The first surgery, the bilateral prophylactic mastectomy was July 2.  I did it then because the girls were out of school.  I never expected to be preparing to go once again under a knife right before Thanksgiving.  I have to be at the hospital tomorrow by 5:30 am. Thankfully we have a wonderful neighbor who will come to my house at 5am so the girls do not have to wake up so early.  They will be able to get up at normal time, get dressed and will then head over to the neighbor’s house.

Madison will miss school tomorrow for a few reasons.  First our district only has half day Kindergarten.  She basically is only there for 3 hours.  My neighbors are being nice enough I do not feel right asking them to spend their entire day at bus stops with my kids.  Probably more important is my babies fragile state of mind.  I put her to bed in tears.  She has been through so much with me since such and early age that she worries about me.  One of the women she will be spending the day with tomorrow is like and adoptive grandmother to her.  I think she will be much calmer even feel safer staying home with her.

Megan on the other hand does not seem worried at all which is good.  She goes to school with my neighbor’s little boy so they will go to the bus stop together and she will go about a normal day and if all goes well we will be home before she is from school.  If not she will head back to his house until we arrive.

I am not sure what to expect tomorrow. Having already been through the nipple reconstruction and breast revision, this is a revision to that revision.  The newpples did not heal the same.  From the beginning the surgeon said they had to be large to start with in order to shrink down to size.  They did not shrink the same, not even close.  So that needs to be addressed.  Another issue is the “pitch” of the girls.  So one needs to be lifted to match the other. On top of those issues I am pushing to have some of the scares revised a bit but he seems reluctant to do anything there.  He says it takes up to a year for scares to heal.  We will negotiate that more in the morning.

Barring any major issues…I plan on this being the end of the breast chapter. I guess we just have to stay tuned to see how this chapter ends.