A money saver

I took this while in line with Megan for Rock ‘n Roller Coaster


Before we get too far away from the Disney trip, there are two things I learned  that I thought I would share.44805470006

First is the photo pass plus.  Thanks to a friend (thanks Vince!) I learned about this before our trip and took full advantage.  For $169.95 you can preorder the pass which will allow you to order a photo disc of all pictures taken inside the parks.  It also includes any photos taken while riding  Space Mountain; Splash Mountain; Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin; The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; Rock ‘n Roller Coaster; Expedition Everest; and Dinosaur (you know those that they snap as you are about to drop from a loop or twist wildly. The one’s that they charge an arm and a leg for at the end of the ride).  If you have plans to attend character meals many of those pictures are included also, (1900 Park Fare; ‘Ohana (breakfast); Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show; Chef Mickey’s; Cinderella’s Royal Table; Tusker House (breakfast); Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue; and Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus) Royal Banquet).44805470015









What I found interesting is the several conversations I had with different photographers at the parks who say that it has been in place for a year yet they are surprised that more people do not take advantage of the deal. I ordered our disc yesterday, it includes 272 pictures.  We have pics from every ride except Splash Mountain since it is closed for maintenance.  We also attended 4 meals and have great family photos to preserve those memories. We never would have bought the ride pictures without this but having them is very cool!  Best deal for the money around!

The other thing I learned is that I could never eat all of the food provided as part of the Deluxe Dinning Plan.  Three, three course meals a day is a ton of food! We tried early on in the week :-).  By mid-week we started canceling meals, we were all full!  Next time around we could definitely down size the meal plan!

Take seven days fun in the sun…..

We are officially 5 days away from the highly anticipated Disney trip.  According to the girls it is only 4 days since we leave our house at 5:30 am Saturday so they do not count the day :-).   I guess with that logic, today is almost over since they are in bed  so we are down to 3 days!  Wow time is flying! ;-).

We began to process of packing over the weekend.  We will not be traveling light.  The weather in Orlando this week was chilly.  It is supposed to be much warmer next week so we will take clothes that cover the spectrum. I do not mind buying an item or two but would not like to be stuck having to buy full outfits due to strange weather swings.

So when we went to Disney in October 2011, Madison ended up with a bad sinus/ear infection.  I remember sitting at the minute clinic for over an hour waiting to be seen.  Poor kid was miserable but trudged on for the rest of the week.  Over the last few weeks we have all battled illness like the rest of the country.  My ear has still been bothering me from a few weeks ago so I called the doctor today.  They called in an ear drop for me, hope this clears it up the rest of the way!

Then there is my baby, Madi woke up today a mess.  Cough, stuffy and by late in the day a sore ear.  She has an appointment with the pediatrician once again tomorrow.  I of course would rather this all happen before we leave. I can only hope and pray that we are all healthy on the trip!  We have been looking forward to this for so long, I hope nothing spoils it!

I think we are all in need of some warm and sunny weather!  Supposed to be 88 degrees and mostly sunny in Orland on Saturday….that is SO what the doctor ordered!stylish_sun5

Brave…the movie

While I was in the Hospital after my  prophylactic mastectomy, Frank and the girls went to the movies to see Disney’s Brave.  I remember when they got to the hospital the girls hugging me and telling me that they all cried at the movie. I was not too aware of the plot.  The girls told me that they thought of me when the princess almost lost her mommy which is why they cried.  Frank compared me to the momma bear.  I was intrigued  but I was still on the pain pump so details of any conversation from that time period are a bit hazy but it stuck with me for several reasons.  One because I was happy that they were out doing things together.  Another because whatever had struck them about the movie caused them to talk which is something that the girls did not often do with their father.  This movie was an important bonding time for the three of them that has continued nicely to this day.

Since the movie was important to them, especially to Madison, I wanted receiving it to be just as important.  For Christmas, 120530_XX_MeridaBraveEX.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeMadi received the DVD and a play set that included both Princess Merida and Angus (her horse).  She was very excited!  Usually when we get a new movie there is a big rush for the girls to watch it but not this time.  The three of them agreed that we all needed to watch it together.

So today was the day.  I made hot chocolate for the girls and I and the four of us settled in for movie time.  The girls even took turns sitting on my lap, which is not normal nor it is easy these days with their sizes.

The movie was very good!  There were no tears this time but I understand imageswhy there were the first time.  In the movie due to decisions made by the princess, the queen is turned into a bear and unless the bond that was broken can be repaired, the spell will not be able to be reversed and her mother will be lost forever.  She needs to be Brave to save her mother and protect her from hunters while trying to reverse the spell.  Even in her darkest day with hunters upon her, the momma bear still protects the princess fully knowing that she is in the situation because of her daughter. My baby girls explained that when they saw it while I was in the hospital, they thought of me as the Brave momma bear who they would never want to lose and that they needed to protect me.  Pretty cool!

As I have stated many times throughout the process, the babies who I was so worried about somewhere right in front of my eyes grew into beautiful, caring young girls.  I am so proud of them both!

And as a movie review, I would give Brave 2 thumbs up!  A great family movies that can spark even better life lesson conversations!