When your children cry

So Madi tried out for the travel soccer team.  She is young so we tried to prepare her that she may not make it. She did great at the try outs fast, alert and on the ball.  There were not too many girl so we fully expected her to make a team.  Technically she was better than many of the girls who were there.

The announcements are made on-line, delayed several times by well over a week making the waiting a real headache.They finally posted Saturday night.  She did not make the team along with 3 other girls.  I had to tell her the news.  She was so upset.  We had tears for a few minutes, we laid on her bed and I held onto her.  There was nothing I could do but hug her tight.  Mommy could not fix this one, for as much as I try sometimes the reality sets in that I am not a super hero. :-(.

Yesterday we were having some friends over for a BBQ.  As I was running around getting things ready she asked for a special request.  Could I read her our “special” book.  We have had a book since they were babies that I love to read to them and they have always loved to hear.  I still read it each year the night before the first day of school.  Of course I could stop what I was doing so Madison and I settled in on the sofa  The title of the book is “Oh My Baby, Little One”.  images

Although I was not sending her off to school for the first time, I guess since we have made this book such an important part of our lives it helped her process.

“But still this love is with you, like the leaves are with the trees,                                               like the sand is with the sandbox, like the kite is with the breeze.”

It was not to long after that our friends arrived and the kids were happily splashing around in a rather cold pool.  The weather was not what we would have hoped for to kick off pool season but for the young it is never to chilly to swim.  The disappointment of the soccer team was gone in its place a young girl with not a care in the world, as it should be!

And all was right with the world!


Long day at soccer and I did not even play

The day started at 5:30 this morning…rise and shine!  We made it to the soccer tournament by 7:30. The field was what seemed like miles from the car.  We made to field six, set up the chairs when of course everyone had to go to the bathroom.

Back to the parking lot we go for the girls first ever visit to the port-o-potty.   That in itself was a production, “How do I lock the door?”, “Where is the sink?”, “What, we don’t flush?”.

Once everyone had completed their business, back to the field we hike.  The game had not even started and I was already exhausted.  I stated to rethink whether it had been a good idea for me to have gone to the game.

For the next hour I got to just sit and watch the game, which was wonderful with our girls winning 3-0.  Megan looked great out on the field and the girls were having fun.  My doubts about going were replaced with thoughts of pride.

Between games back to the bathroom, another long hike and a move to field four.

The second game was a little tougher.  This was the first time our girls had ever played together as a team, the first time ever playing on a large field, and the first time ever playing two games in one day, and it showed.  By the time the game started it was about 85-90 degrees and full sun.  By the end of the game the other team, who was very good was running circle around our hot, exhausted and about to drop girls.

Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest to learn.  Coach did a nice job picking them up at the end.  They are 8 years old and lots to learn.

All the way back to the car and in pain.  Thank goodness it was over because I had more than enough.  I was so happy I could make the game and will be there again tomorrow.  BUT I was thrilled when it was time to leave.

I dream for a pain free day and normalcy!


With school right around the corner, things are getting back into swing quickly.  Megan made the travel soccer team so she started practice this week every Monday and Thursday.  The season starts Labor day weekend with a 2 day tournament.  Madison also started soccer practice tonight and every Tuesday until the season starts the week after Labor day.  They both still have karate 1-2 times a week and CCD starts in a few weeks….yikes I think we are running out of days already!  Sometimes I feel like a juggler with multiple balls in the air.

There is a fine line between keeping the kids busy and out of trouble and over scheduled.  I will keep a close eye and make changes as needed!  School is always first priority over all!

So other than life becoming more and more normal with each passing day, there is not too much going on.  I still have soreness in my chest and both boobs as well as under my arms.  But for the most part it is just that, sore.  I have come to accept realize that it will be around for a long while.  The frustrating part is the realization that what has become just sore will be in pain again after next week.  At least it is for the last time…I hope!

My core strength is also improving.  Not ready for sit-ups but I can get up from a lying position without help and other than tightness has no real pain in the area.

So just now in the preparation and waiting period for the nipple reconstruction and revision.  Back to waiting…I hate waiting!