Ready to go home


So, after a year of preparation, much anticipation and money spent,a good time was had by the entire family but to be honest I can not wait to get home! I want to sleep in my own bed, eat in my own kitchen and just lay on my sofa. We did have a ton of fun! We did the parks from front to back and inside out. We saw every show, rode every ride (well most of us did), and we ate a ton of food.


I will not miss the several block long walk to my room but I will miss the friends that we have been watching of the balcony.


Madison’s stomach is still not normal. We hit every bathroom in Hollywood studios at least twice. Megan joined the club today with a good cough. Traveling with kids is not easy! With that said, I and so happy we were able to do this with them. A trip like this may never come again but the memories will last forever!


We are on our way Mickey!

It has been a long day already and it is only 7 am. We were up at 4:30, shower, last minute trip things and ready for the Rapid Rover pickup at 5:30. Thankfully we were ready because he was 15 minutes early.

We blew through security at the airport and have already had some breakfast. Now we sit at the gate waiting.


It is foggy and a little rainy. The weather here is expected to be bad today so hopefully we are out of here before it really turns

Don’t worry Mickey, we are on the way!