Seriously…enough with the clutter!

Why is it that with any upcoming election there also has to come with it the none stop visual pollution of crappy lawn signs.  I am not talking about the 1 or 2 a homeowner choses to place on their own property.  I mean the hundreds even thousands that seem to be placed every ten feet throughout town. My favorites tend to be the ones in front of closed businesses.  The big question, is anyone actually swayed by the 10, 20..…50 little signs stacked literally on top of each other on every corner?  Does my mind change each time I see the sign for the next candidate?

I love driving along and seeing the same sign every 20 feet down and entire road.  To not be out done the competitors team has placed signs also  in between.  Stopped at a red light, I stare at each corner just cluttered with signs from every race.  What I do not understand is the multiples from each candidate with in a very small area.  SO, is the thinking that is politician “A” has more signs I will vote for said person?

Thankfully election day is tomorrow.  I think there should be a law, if any sign remains for more than a day after the election that candidate should be fined heavily for each sign!  By the way, don’t forget to vote!