Is it washington or us?

I woke up today to the same dire warnings of impending doom on the news.  “The government will shut down in just a few days”.  If I close my eyes I see chicken little running our country.  Regardless of the side you agree with, I would think that most in this country would be just disgusted with he dysfunction in our fine nations capital.

When you look at polls, both the Congress and President have awful approval numbers.  As a country we disapprove of many initiatives that the administration is pushing.  Our elected officials at all levels spend hours in front of cameras, giving interviews and flat-out sucking the air out of the room instead of doing what they were all elected for, doing the business of the people who elected them.

imagesSo the question is, how do these same people that we disapprove of, those who continue to ignore what “we the people” want keep getting elected?  Most complain about Washington but maybe everyone needs to take a moment to reflect and look in the mirror.

Looks like this weekend will be spent doing anything and everything except watching, reading or listening to the news!