Getting ready

I pulled this image from Facebook today and after the chuckle it gave me realized it probably was time to start to batten down the hatches.  Once the normal running of Saturday was over we secured the patio furniture and loose items from the backyard.  Not really sure what to expect, many people hear that the hurricane is only a cat1 and weak but for where we are hearing that it is an extreme “Nor’easter ”  can strike much more fear than most recent hurricanes.  They tend to hang around for hours even days and carry tons of water.

Only time will tell.  The Governor has issued mandatory evacuations for the coastal areas by 4pm tomorrow which means my sister and her dog will be moving in by the evening.  We can talk about her later since she does not read this anyway :-)! As for what happens after that, well guess we will all stay tuned.

Fingers till crossed.

Revisions, colonoscopy, ultrasound and “Frankenstorm”

With the end of the year quickly approaching I finally have everything scheduled and barring any unforeseen  circumstances, it will all be completed before the end of November!

I saw the Gastroenterologist today.  She agreed that a colonoscopy would be a wise move.  I have stopped fighting it and have scheduled for November 9.  I have my instructions and my script and am SOOO looking forward to it, NOT!

I have scheduled the revision surgery for November 19th.  I have to go for blood work sometime this week for that.  I am hoping the recovery from this one is quick since Thanksgiving will only be a few days later.

Since the rest of the schedule fell into line today, the only other thing I needed to get onto the schedule was the pelvic ultrasound.  As soon as I walked through the door I jumped on the phone and scheduled for November 7th.  Two and a half weeks in November are looking pretty ugly but if all goes well, by the end of the month it will all be over!

In other interesting news, we on the east coast are preparing for Hurricane Sandy or the more fun name being given to the storm, “Frankenstorm”.  They are saying it will be a 1 in 100 year storm.  I am not right along the coast so no evacuations for my family but my sister lives on the coast.  We may have a visitor over the weekend.  If things align the way they think,  we could be looking at over 10-12 inches of rain.  possibly one heck of a mess!  We ran to the store for extra milk, bottled water and batteries and a new lighter for candles.

Now I guess we just wait, for everything.