The winter that will not end

Before I begin to whine, I will start off by recognizing that we had very little snow over the last two winters. I also fully understand that the last winter was on the milder side. As this winter started I hoped for some snowfall. I joined in with my children doing the “snow day” dance hoping for the day off from school admittedly more than once.

ImageThe first snow day was a welcomed friend that we had not seen in a few years. The second was also embraced. The third was seen as the friend who had one too many drinks at the party. The fourth, well that one was far beyond one too many drinks and was viewed as a drunken fool. This past Monday was the fifth snow emergency closing of the year. If I were to stick to my “friend at the party” comparison, this friend was the one who stuck his face in the punch bowl, took off all of his clothes and passed out in the bushes.

Image 1We have seen temperatures in the single digits termed the polar plunge, early dismissals from school as well as delayed openings due to ice. It is only the beginning of February and according to that crazy groundhog we will have 6 more weeks of winter. I like where we live. I enjoy the experience of all four seasons. These extremes that we endure, the extremes in the heart of the summer during the 90+ degree heat waves. The humidity that you could cut through with a knife.  Or the winters such as this one that are filled with depressing grey sky, freezing temperatures and snow covered earth.   These extremes make me fully appreciate those wonderful breezy early fall evenings still light enough to walk in the park.  Or the early summer days when the pool is just open, the laughter from the kids and friends mixed with the sounds of splashing water.  Most of all I love the beginning of spring as the trees begin to wake from the harsh winter months and sprout those first splashes of green.  The blue skies and sun rays that makes everything feel new and alive.

After the last several weeks I long for the beginning of Spring and promise the first person who complains about the heat of the Summer will be smacked. 🙂

The winds of change

The sky this evening
The sky this evening

Change is in the air!  Really!  All day they sky has been a crazy shade of grey while the winds have begun to increase.  This evening a crazy pink and yellow. It seems early in the season but a good size Nor’easter is steaming its way toward our fine state. Heavy rains and wind will lead to flooding and damage and to some even worse, indoor recess for the school kids.

Alright, to be clear, of course indoor recess is not worse than flooding or damage. As a parent I never really gave much thought to recess at all.  It was such a tiny part of the school day.  Now that I am in a school I have a new-found respect for the few minutes a day when the children are allowed to run care free blowing off the steam of the morning’s learning exercises.  Just a few minutes is all that is needed but on a day when the weather does not cooperate, a distinct difference is noticeable.

Looks like the rain and wind will hang on for a few days and we all know what that means….bad hair for everyone!  Hey, it could always be worse, it could be a blizzard :-).


I live in a normal little suburban town. Well, I know it is normal but the elected “powers that be” insist on calling us a “premiere community”. I am not sure who ever designated my fine community as such and maybe sometime long ago it was “premiere”. Today it is an over taxed, shrinking community hit hard by the recession. Lots of empty store fronts, (although they have brought in several cash for gold stores and we have dollar stores in every center) school enrollment down, many empty houses and potholes the size of small cities.

potholeThe potholes make driving around town something of an adventure. A little swerve to the left, a slight veer to the right while making sure not to cross the middle line or drive into on coming traffic. I feel like I am preparing for the extreme games just heading to the drug store. The biggest problem is that I am not talking about 1 or 2 roads, it is everywhere. Patches put over patches have become big problems. This is top of mind for me right now since the county just went through the process of reassessing all homes. We will be seeing a significant increase in property taxes. There is no way we could ever sell the house for the amount we are being told it is worth but they don’t care. Now, if this was the first increase we were seeing in a while maybe I could accept it but we have seen increases year after year.-614549e91b17a15c

But I digress. Since nothing is going to change, please keep all hands inside the ride while it is moving. Strap in tight, it is going to be a bumpy ride!