3am do you know where your BPM patient is?

SO I sit here in a nice quiet house.  Actually slept for about a 4 hour stretch. I woke up in some real discomfort but I think I can say not pain exactly.

Did I mention that Frank moved our guest bed downstairs to the family room for me so I did not have to climb stairs?  And my powder room is now filled with my necessities?  Very handy!  I am still getting used to getting into and out of a non hospital bed but at lease I can do it on my own!

I took the opportunity to empty my drains. Not too bad 17ml total in 12 hours.  My girls have been wonderful but I am still trying to keep some things completely from them.  The drains are really something.  A much-needed yet totally uncomfortable and honesty very disgusting need.  I have put together an outfit with and undershirt underneath one of Franks short sleeve button downs.  I can pin the drains to the undershirt with the girls not having a clue that they exist.

Guess I should wiggle my way back into my bed.  I am still doing the breathing exercises from the hospital.  Not sure if I am supposed to or not but figure they sure can’t hurt!  I will post some pics of my new family/bed/hospital room soon.

Today I get my first home health care nurse visit.

3 thoughts on “3am do you know where your BPM patient is?”

  1. You are very smart to try to hide the drains. My Meghan still talks about how awful they were. When do yours come out? That was the day I knew I would get back to normal – evenually! I don’t know how you normally sleep, but I was mever a back sleeper. Got my first goos sleep when I was able to go on my side. The valium they gave helped a TON for the tighness. Better for me than percoset. Keep on keeping on! And keep us posted… you are fabulous!!!

  2. Not feeling fabulous but thank you! I am not sure when the drains come out but I have a follow up apt Wednesday so I have my fingers crossed. They really are annoying! I am an active person so this forced reduced mobility is causing me some anxiety. I hate that I can not do things for myself and my family…I realize I need to relax but easier said than done!

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