Gloomy day

Today was a beautiful day, bright blue cloudless skies, a slight breeze, temperature in the 60’s.  It was definitely a day that let’s you know that fall is here.  We decided to go out and find Halloween costumes  and do some early fall shopping.  So far sounds great so why the gloomy title?

So for me it started the other day.  Friday I did not feel well and just laid low.  Yesterday was my nephews 3rd birthday.  He was having a super cool bounce party at one of those inflatable places.  The plan was for me to take Meg to piano while Madison and Frank went to her soccer game.  My sister was to pick Madi and I up for the party because Megan had a soccer game later.  Frank and Meg would then meet us later at my brother and sister-in-laws house.  Basically a normal busy Saturday.

From the time I woke up I did not feel right.  I had a pain in my abdomen near the incision.  Piano came and went with no big issue.  I went home and made the girls some lunch then got Madison cleaned up for the party.   I was just wiped out.  I took a small nap.  By the time my sister arrived  my side was really bothering me.  I took a few motion and a Tylnol.

It is about an hour-long car ride to my brother’s.  I thought we had a nice ride chatting about this and that.  We arrived at the party just a few minutes late due to one wrong turn and one missed turn.  Madison was thrilled to arrive and was off and bouncing as we made the rounds to greet the birthday boy, his parents and sister.  There was a huge group of very well-behaved children jumping everywhere. A great time seemed to be had by all!

From there back to the house for family and friends.  My stomach was bothering me and standing seemed to really wear me out.  I was beginning to worry a bit.  As soon as we got to the house I found a nice place to sit which is not really like me. They have a friend who I have also know for years who is a doctor.  I mentioned my pain to her and she immediately said possible hernia.  She gave my abdomen a little poke and decided she could not feel anything.  I had a few beers and it did not seem to bother me as much as the night went on. 🙂

On top of everything else,  I feel a bit self-conscious these day.  I was a little uneasy going to see  people who have not seen me for several months.  Many people told me how great I looked which really made me feel good!  Others whose opinions matter to me did not say a word.  It should not matter and in the end I will get over it and it will not matter but it sucks and after weeks of pain and shit it hurts.

So that brings us back to today.  I woke up with a continued nagging ache. An overall not so good feeling and a headache on top.

I lost it a bit this morning allowing myself to fall victim to the “I am never going to feel normal again syndrome”.   At the store Madison (who has never been a fan of Halloween, strange or loud noises) had a melt down with the props and music in the store.  The Eagles lost terribly putting the husband in a mood and I guess feeling left out Megan eventually joined the “need to shed a tear and be pissed at something” club before the day finally and thankfully ended with the girls going to bed.

One bright spot is the fact that the pain seems to be fading.  I will keep a watch and call the doctor tomorrow or Tuesday if it returns. As for the rest of it, well, it is what it is.

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