From the mouths of babes…

Yesterday was like any other.  Get the kids up and ready for school.  Bus stops followed by normal daily function.  In the blink of an eye it was time back to head back to the bus stop for Madison.  That is when it all changed.

Madi is my active, hyper even crazy at times child.  Since Kindergarten is only half day she gets home bouncing off the walls.  So when she got home yesterday we had some lunch and discussed her day.  She does so enjoy school.  After lunch she decided it was time to dance.  Around the living room she flew laughing as if performing for an adoring crowd.  That is until she lost her balance and landed with her mouth into the back of a wooden chair.

I heard the impact and jumped.  I was next to her just as the shock turned to screaming and tears.  I pulled her with me to the freezer and got ice then noticed the blood.  She was in a total panic.  I got her mouth washed out and finally calmed her so I could inspect the damage.  Thankfully, my toothless little cherub just lost her two top teeth.  That was actually where the blood was coming from and I am sure that if the teeth had been there they would have been broken or knocked out.  He lip is purple and a size larger than normal but all in all not as bad as I initially thought.

From there it just continued, a trip over the dog landing her on her belly followed by landing a bit too hard on a bean bag chair and banging her head on the wall.

By 8:30 my baby,  looking tattered and a little bruised, looked at me with a shutter in her voice and asked “can I go to bed now?  It has been a bad day.” Tears followed as did a big hug and off to bed we went.  I think the poor kid passed out as she hit the pillow.

This morning started off well…the bus will be home shortly.  We can only hope this is a better day!

2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes…”

  1. This brought back memories; when my my son was around 3 years old he dashed to give me a hug before I went to work, missed his footing and slammed face first into our wood framed sofa. There were tears, a lot of blood, fortunately no broken teeth but a big fat lip and some nasty bruising. I calmed him down, cleaned him up, put on a new blouse and headed off to the bus thinking I wish I could’ve stayed home with him. I never did forgive the sofa and got rid of it shortly afterwards.
    I hope you’re having a better day.

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