Fa La La La La

Christmas time is around the corner.  This is really my favorite holiday.  Frank and I don’t exchange gifts per say.  We buy something we want then say it is for Christmas. I love this time of year because of how the kids react.  They still deeply believe in Santa and I want to keep it that way as long as possible!  If that means I sneak around in the dark hiding an Elf, so be it! That brings us to Ernie, our Elf on a shelf.  He became part of our lives in 2009 and typically arrives right after Thanksgiving.  The girls wake up so excited to find him every morning.   I believe he was named after the Ernie from Sesame Street.  We do not get too crazy with him for the most part he just moves around each night.  People havebeen posting pictures all week of what elves have been doing in their houses….I think folks are spending a little too much time on Pinterest!  But hey, if it provides family enjoyment I am all for it!

Just hanging out in the stairwell
Just hanging out in the stairwell


2 thoughts on “Fa La La La La”

  1. Is that where this guy came from? Pinterest? I’m not on there (thankfully) but all over my IG I’ve been seeing this guy and pics and stuff and I’ve been so confused. What’s the purpose of him? 🙂

    1. He is available in most card/toy stores. He is supposed to be one of Santa’s elves who is sent to keep an eye on kids. He flies back nightly to Santa to report so each morning he is in a different spot. What people on Pinterest have done is take it to a new level with different stunts and mischief that he gets into. I am not that extreme but I will tell you it keeps the kids in line while he is around.

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