Roller skates, basketballs and a big bottle of Tylenol

10020274One of the must have gift this year for both of the girls was roller skates.  I found it interesting since neither have ever skated before nor do we know anyone who does.  I loved the idea!  Good exercise, something they could do together and something not electronic. I remember as a kid skating in my basement in my white, metal wheeled skates.  The basement was really the only place you could skate with those metal wheels, hit a rock in the street and you went flying. Who ever thought metal wheels was a good idea?

So the girls received the skates from their aunt and uncle and both were thrilled.  Having wooden floors makes the house a small skating rink.  The day after Christmas and still in pajamas the skates were on and laced.  One at a time turns were taken holding my arm (tightly) as we went back and forth down the hall.  This lasted only until I was kicked so hard in the ankle I almost fell down.  Even with a death grip on my arm, neither of my balance challenged angels could stay on their feet.  The session lasted a few minutes until we agreed to take a break.

My ankle was sore for days!  That was the last time mommy stood anywhere near a child with wheels on their feet!

In between skating sessions, the make shift skating rink transforms into a basket ball arena for the new balls the girls received from their father.  The weather has been lousy here and over break there were battling flu/infections and viruses so we have been  basically stuck inside.  It is amazing the amount of thumping noise 2 basketballs can create. 12917515-illustration-of-a-basketball-mascot-walking

Over the passing days the balance on the skates has improved as has the ability to bounce the basketball.  Now they are running up and down the hall attempting to shoot it against my front door.   It is better than sitting around all day.  It is a nice break from the computer and Ipad activities.  I am sure that if they put the ball through a window my opinion may change, we will keep our fingers crossed!

My mother would never have approved :-).



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