Google, Herbert Hoover and a simple cup of coffee

I woke up Sunday morning rolled over, looked at the clock and saw 8:30, NICE! My husband was already off to church, the rest of us do not attend.   As the girls get older the message is finally sinking it that on a weekend they can go downstairs and watch some TV without waking me up to inform me that they are awake.  Sleeping until 8:30 is a rare treat.

As I got up and headed out to the top of the stairs, I could see my eldest sitting at the computer working on homework. Now that she is in the TAG program, she has more in-depth homework but is given at least the weekend and sometimes more than to complete it.  The most recent project is about Herbert Hoover.  Not one of the flashiest presidents nor is he one I tend to know much about.  This matters because I did not even make it to the bottom of the staircase when the whining started.  She has not had to do too much research to date being only in third grade.  She does know how to use google but has not had too much practice.

I helped her find a nice historical website on the president and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.  As I was trying to get the coffee grounds in, the dog cried by the back door needing to get out, it must have been a long night.  We had a light snow last night so the brick steps were covered.  Time to grab a broom so she does not slip with her weak knees and hips. To the closet for a coat and the broom, clear the steps and back inside.

To the coffee pot I head and more whining about Mr. Hoovers lack of flare.  (I actually learned more about him than I ever remember hearing in school).  I at least got the coffee started then back to help Megan. She had to decide if he had above average abilities based on certain criteria that they have been discussing in the

As I finally took my first sip of coffee I thought about when I was younger.  My mother would pull up into the driveway after being at work all day to one of us waiting.  It was always something urgently important that had to be discussed in the driveway as she got out of the car.  At some point there would typically come yelling.

I never understood why she had such a short fuse :-).

I think I control the yelling much better but as time goes on, I am starting to feel more and more like my mother.

And by the way, Hoover may not been full of flare but he was not too bad either.  Hard worker, something we could use more of these days, dedicated humanitarian.  And yes, he did exhibit above average abilities, at least that was my daughters conclusion.  I guess we shall see how the grade turns out. 🙂

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