Proud Mama

The girls both received report cards today.  My early school days were less than memorable when it comes to grades.  I have more memories of the book being thrown when I could not spell the words or the yelling.  I have tried my best to ensure that my girls have a much different educational experience than I did.

For Madison, this was her first public school report card.  It is that secure, developing and beginning scale (which I am not a fan of).  I was so proud of my baby!  She received a secure in all math criteria and a mix of secure and developing on the others.  She is developing into such a bright and wonderful little girl, I really could not be prouder!

Megan has made it two in a row, principles list,  straight A’s! I have no words for this except outstanding!

I am so glad that the Disney trip is just around the corner, my hard working students deserve a vacation!  11 days away, the countdown is in full swing now!

Walt Disney World Gallery Photo

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