The Bailey’s go to Disney

What a busy week so far! We arrived Saturday and were very pleased to be able to check in early at the hotel which of course is beautiful. The only issue we have had is the small argument over which bed the girls will sleep in. Quit honestly if that is the biggest issue, I will take it!

We headed right out to Epcot upon arrival. We finally were able to ride Soarin. The hype over this ride was worth it, awesome! My little Madison is really being a brave girl. When she was a baby she had no fear. For some reason over time she has grown much more nervous of new or unknown things. She also hates the dark but she has been brave riding all but one ride so far, great job Madi!
We were able to catch the fireworks show which was something a year ago we would never have been able to do with Madi. The show was very nice! And yes loved by Madi. I keep telling her she has to trust me!

Day two brought with it an interesting commute to the Magic Kingdom. We jumped on the bus which should have taken us 15 min tops to the gate of the park and sat on it for 45 minutes to them only be dropped at the transportation center. From there we had to make our way through what seemed like thousands of people. Seems there was a princess half marathon that we knew nothing about. We were 30 minutes late for our breakfast with Winnie and friends but were told “no problem”. It was strange seeing people running in tutus and tiaras.

We had a few showers during the day but we somehow stayed dry. We were on the train for one, in lunch for another. I hope this type of luck holds out all week! We enjoyed the extra hours last night not getting back to the hotel until about 11. The girls were wiped out and fell asleep on the bus. A very happy tired!





Time for a shower. Off to Hollywood today.

1 thought on “The Bailey’s go to Disney”

  1. Oh yep! The Princess marathon! I know there are a few people who are proud of the “Coast to Coast” thing and run both. So glad it worked out….had you not ever been on Soarin’ over California before? Is it called that same thing there?

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